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Friday, May 09, 2003

I have decided to begin a new topic on this online journal...."Lessons I Have Learned Today"
I will begin this thread with today's story and follow that up with a story from yesterday that I apparently did NOT learn my lesson and repeated again today....

Story from today:
To avoid a mess in the kitchen, do not mix soda and alcohol in a water bottle then put your finger over the spout and proceed to roll the bottle to mix the two ingredients. Because when you remove your finger from the spout, it will be like volcano eruption. Tonight is yet another Logan House night if you have not guessed already. And there are two reasons for drinking prior to going. One, thats a few less drinks to actually purchase, therefore saving money. And two, by pre-gaming, you do not lose valuable gaming time at the venue. So yes, that is why I was mixing soda and alcohol in my Nike water bottle and thought it would be a good idea to roll it. Not a good idea.

Story from yesterday that was repeated today:
When you pour pasta from a bag into a pot on the stove, do not spill any noodles on the red hot burner. They will catch on fire. Yesterday I dropped a noodle on the burner and did not know it until the smoke detector went off and I found a little flame coming from the noodle on the burner. Now today, I made pasta again, and again, I spilled a noddle onto the burner. the smoke detector did not go off, but again, there was flammage in the kitchen. So yes, do not spill noodles on the burner. You will cause a fire.