"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

The whole awkwardness that I mentioned in the previous blog about wanting to fulfill every waking second with something to be remembered was definitely met the days after.
The Tuesday of that week was spent cramming for CHEM. Which was, the worst thing ever. Nothing like taking my last test ever and going out with a bang. the damn thing was 61 pages long. 61 pages LONG!!!!! It was horrendous. Not that I should be complaining though, instead of studying, we decided to bowl in the apartment. Anything that was long, cylander, and plastic was victim to the 12 pound bowling ball that I found in the closet. I think the neighbors downstairs were about to murder us. The best was the filled ketchup bottles we used, those things just wanted to fly.
The day after goes down in history as the best indoor water fight ever. So we get home from East End and Natalie and I were playing jokes on Karen, but payback is a bitch. She used my cellphone and AIM to talk....and yeah, I freaked and water balloons went flying. For about an hour there was water balloons, the kitchen spray nozzle thingy, and even water filled trash cans which soaked the entire apartment and ourselves.
It was definitely great :-)