"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I'm at work. I rock.
The storefront of the record store is a giant window that looks onto Main Street. When we moved locations, we felt as though this window would welcome more stalkers into the store since its like a micro version of live reality show. This time, the TVs are off and its the Rainbow life that the passerby find them selves admiring, seperated by a smudged pane of glass. So in my journeys from cd racks to cash register to vinyl bins to internet, I almost always find myself on the other side. Constantly staring out the window at life passing by. We find ourselves staring out, more so then people staring in. That we are the actual voyeurs.
Nothing really exciting happens outside of the window. For pete's sake the Gap is across the street. Thrillesville in homogenizationland. A Dunkin Donuts is being built across the street as well. Welcome, Commercialization. Though I do have to admit I am a bit excited for the instant accessibilty of cheap coffee minutes away. But isn't three DDs' in Newark a tad extreme?
We also overlook the crosswalk, which always provides entertainment: does or does not the vehicle stop for the pedestrians? It's the main crosswalk in Newark, and though pedestrians do have the right of way, I think it is reinforced by a neon yellow sign. More often then not, the cars don't stop. Which all in all is ok because Main Street doesn't get that busy that one has to wait for longer than a minute to dart across the street. Reminds me of the game Frogger.