"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, July 06, 2003

New York City - June 19th
So you know when you see someone from the car and you kinda play car tag, dodging in and out of traffic and making a point to adjust the mirror at the light just for kicks? Driving back to the apartment before heading out to the big apple, Karen and I decided to mess with this guy in a Camero after he kept staring over at us. She got his number. It was smooooooth.
We stopped home, then hit 95 N to the city. We met up with our friend Mike Clarke and Ryan, a coworker of his to see the sights, hit the bars, and experience some music. It was when we actually parked the car when we realized that we had no idea what we were doing or where we even were. The day was brought to us by the colors red and black which all of the city decided to join us in wearing. Through a marathon phone tag session with Mike, we met up with the guys and hit an original pizza place then off to a bar. Yay for beer. Then another bar. Then another bar. Subway to Tribeca. It's pretty bad when you have four drunk people not knowing where they really are in the city and its still daylight out. Saw the band outside and found another bar. This time it was Cuban. We hit up Tribeca shortly before Jonasay went on. What an awesome little club. Again, it reestablished my desires to run my own venue. Yeah, it might happen. Good drinks, good people, good music. After Tribeca we hit another bar with world jazz music. I think I stopped drinking at this point, but Mike definitely did not, whicle his antics on stage evidenced how much he drank. It was great. Then more pizza. We went to go grab my car in the lot when I suddenly remembered that I had no idea where I had parked. Not a good thing to do in NYC! Despite my absentmidedness, I have a stellar photographic memory and was able to orient myself after seeing a gas station sign. My mind works in odd ways. The trek home was extremely slow due to the monsoon that met up with us as soon as the tires met up with 95. I went about 40 miles an hour half way there just because I couldn't keep in control of my car, nor see. The highlight of the highway span was when Karen had to have me pull over on the interstate in the hurrican so she could throw up. Now she is initiated in the "puking on national highways" club.