"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Spoonful of Pop

The new New Pornographers cd makes me extremely happy.

Again, like the Tim Easton album from last night, I feel that this CD is nearly flawless. I think I have listened to the recording at least seven times in the past four days. I really enjoy the Stratford 4 album that I listened to as well today.

The newlyweds came over tonight and we all ate chinese food. It was crazy good times.

And speaking of crazy, I am off to bed because I have this insane notion that I will actually wake up early and go running before work.

Ok, and so yeah, the new Turin Brakes video just came on Subterranean. I like Ethersong a lot better than the Optimist LP. Subterranean is one of my favorite things. Other entities that I have exclaimed were my favorite things in the past twelve hours: the new Fruit Juicy Grapermelon gum, internet at work, my black ballet slippers that I wore today, and vegetable spring rolls. Those are the best things ever.