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Friday, October 24, 2003

caught up in your love

AUGH!! How could I forget to write about the Ari Hest show!?!?
So Center Stage filmed Ari at the Northstar Bar on Tuesday and it was so wonderfully good. The Northstar is by far my favorite venue. Especially to film in, its always a stress reliever when the venue actually appreciates you being there instead of being in the way (::cough:: ::cough:: Recher ::cough:: Deer Park ::cough:: ::cough::). It was the first CS taping I have been too where I haven't been frazzled since I wasn't producing, I was just being creepy and tagging along for tech support ;-). We met up with Mackenzie, who we met in DC and hung out with her for a bit. Crazy that she is in half of the CS crews' comm classes. The show went so incredibly well except for some minor difficulties, such as not having a program monitor. But Marissa handled it like a pro and I can't wait to see the footage.
And of course, you know a CS road trip isn't complete without some drama on the road. We got lost and it took us three hours to get home from Philly. We took the scenic route. Yeah. Aurora nearly killed us because she ran a red light. But the highlight of the treacherous scary rainy ride home was the new pumpkin spice cappuccino at Sunoco. Yes, Sunoco does its hot beverages right.