"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, December 11, 2003

alcohol makes my life better

Ok, that shouldn't be true, but it really does. I was talking about it with Aurora and Charise, and honestly, alcohol in my life makes my outlook better. Nothing better than not feeling or having control. Well, there are some things better, but this is the most accessible. Charise said it best when she said that its pretty sad that she is excited when she can get off of work to drink. Oh my. Drink up, drink up while we are still young.
So Saturday. Oh how I needed Saturday. I warned Rainbow Chris that since I don't have anything to do on Sunday, Saturday better watch out because I was going to hit it hard...
Charise, Max, and I headed out to Raf's party. He was having a gathering and playing some tunes with his band. Charise and I discovered some wine and it was pretty much done for as soon as we found it. After that ran out, the keg was hit as Nate and I hooted and hollered at Raf as he played guitar to the coffee table. So we decided to leave and go to Deer Park. Nate wouldn't let me carry my beer in his car so he took it from me and hid it. I realized I didn't have my bag, so I went inside to get it, where I discovered my beer in the snow. I attempted to make a beer slushie, while slipping and sliding down the driveway. I should not do two things when I drink...use my cell phone, and use my computer....
At work earlier, Tanya brought me brownies and we were talking about that night's festivities, so it was decided that Saturday night would find us at the DP. So I call her to make sure she is there, then dial some more numbers. I had gotten many a drunken phone calls the night before - cough cough from ohio at 3 am cough cough - so I call Phil back and have no idea what kind of message I left. Sorry. Then I call Aurora. Yeah.
At the Deer Park, met up with everyone who I didn't expect to be there, but Tanya brought the whole posse - Chris, Dan, Elise, Oliver, McDerm, Lex, Evan, etc etc. Stumbled around the DP and realized how cool it is that everyone from all walks convene at the old watering hole. Ran into some Sallies kids, WVUD people, and riding team people. Very cool. Left there and off to Olivers....
Don't know how I ended up in Oliver's car. I think Chris wanted me to drive his beamer. Um, that pretty much wasn't the safest option. So Lex drove and the entire way I chattered and blabbered and pretty much told the two of them stuff I wouldn't say if I wasn't inebriated. I think they may think I am crazy. Ah, whatever, I made them laugh. I think I am placed here on this earth for one reason and one reason only - my life is amusing and allows others to laugh at my follies at my expense.
We get to Oliver's and hang out and be merry. Snow is good to fall in because it cushions. Aurora had called and I passed the phone around and I think Dan told her to come, so she did. And more merryment was had. Oliver, McDerm, and I tried to play airplane. Operative word is try. And yes, where they lie on their backs and I try to fly.
Around 4:30 Aurora and I left for home and we had a sleep over. We watched TV and talked to Phil and he hung up on us and we went to bed only to awake to freaking cars honking all morning. Oh wait, it was afternoon. We woke up around 3 I think. Oh my.
But I needed to have one day of fun where I had nothing responsible to do the next day.