"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, November 30, 2003

gobble gobble

"Oh, the seasons change
so quickly these days
And while the rest in their new coats and new hats
shiver in their beds
You stand outside
and watch the clouds go by
in the same clothes that I met you in" matt nathanson

Above is one of my favorite Matt Nathanson lyrics. Below, you will find a link to last years Thanksgiving blog. I pretty much feel the same way this year, and can't believe that twelve months have already passed. I am surrounded by the most wonderful people and the past year has been absolute insanity and I am so thankful to have each day be so exciting. The past two months have been exceptional in whirlwind activity. Though I am not very materialistic, I find enjoyment in the people I am around and the experiences we encounter rather than something tangible, and lately I have been more grateful for the opportunities that I have been given. Crazy nights of crashing at 5 or just not sleeping at all just so I don't miss a thing. And with the people I am around and what we do, it's not worth passing by.