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Sunday, November 23, 2003

blue and gold and won all over

Yeah! Blue Hen Foot ball takes the conference!! I was listening in to the game via WVUD and just love our commentators, they're hilarious. You should listen, too ;-)
But we won and now it's time to take the division.

Villanova wasn't quite happy. We have a huge rivalry with 'Nova which always leads to chaos in the end. Their cheerleaders were easy targets the last time I saw the two face off, but UD never goes for blood!

Auto plows into crowd after UD win
4 hurt outside Villanova Stadium

Staff reporter

VILLANOVA, Pa. -- Four people were injured after the University of Delaware football game Saturday night when a car drove through a crowd of about 100 football players, family and friends outside the locker room at Villanova Stadium, police said.

Villanova Athletic Director Vince Nicastro said his team's chaplain, the Rev. Bernard Lazor, was behind the wheel of the green Ford Taurus after it stopped at the end of a 25-foot wide driveway on the south side of the stadium where the crowd had gathered. However, Radnor Township police did not identify the driver and no arrests were made late Saturday.

Several witnesses said people "went down like dominoes" while the driver, traveling about 30 mph, honked the horn but never stopped.

One end of the driveway opens into a lot where the Delaware team buses were parked during the game. The Taurus was traveling in the opposite direction, which comes to a dead end at stairs and a wheelchair ramp. Two other cars were parked along the driveway after the game.

"We weren't there to get hit," said Debbie Edwards of Wallingford, Pa., the mother of Delaware center Chris Edwards, who was not hurt. "We were there to greet the players coming out. Everyone was talking and no one was paying attention and, all of a sudden, this car just headed down there. People were under the tires, on top of the hood. I would have been under the tire if my friend hadn't pushed me out of the way."

Some fans stood by in tears while at least two injured people were taken away by ambulances and Delaware's football equipment was being loaded into a truck several feet away. Student trainer Jen Jones, 22 and a senior at UD, said the crowd was mostly Delaware fans.

"After all of our games, the fans come by to see us and congratulate the players and say hi to the team," Jones said. "It all happened very fast. He just plowed through. There was no brakelights - nothing. You didn't even hear the horn until it was too late."

Brian Honeycutt, 37, of Newark, said he was nearly hit. He said he then ran alongside the car after it went through the crowd, yelling at the driver to stop. He said he saw the driver staring straight ahead with his hands on top of the steering wheel.

Many of the Delaware players were either speaking in a postgame news conference or still getting dressed in the locker room as the car came through. Quarterback Andy Hall said he heard someone run into the locker room yelling, "Get a doctor out here."

"I don't know what's going on, but people just got run over," Hall said. "It was a lot of our families. The football game is irrelevant right now. It's totally irrelevant."

Delaware won the game 20-17 to win the Atlantic 10 Conference championship.

University of Delaware administrators could not be reached for comment.

According to Villanova's football media guide, Lazor has been a priest for 50 years and is an assistant professor of religious studies at the university.