"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Rock and roll to the beat of the funk fuzz

Another great Lloyd Dobler performance and awesome time with good friends. I have always thought that LDE is a much better live band than their studio stuff. But then again, after hearing their new studio recordings, its safe to say that both aspects are a force to be reckoned with.
So yeah, they lit up the stage with two sets of originals and some fun covers. The crowd livened up after a bit and towards the middle of the night, everyone was on their feet. A lot of drunk women came up to me and asked about the band. I overheard one of the girls, after she stopped talking to me, say "i haven't seen a band this good in a while!". Aw, that was great to hear! My favorite was the 30 year old who kept falling over her self and gave me her business card so that she could book the band for a private show. "Private Show". Boom chika boom bah. Kinda reminds me of my rock and roll porn idea. Oh wait, why doesn't Phil tell everyone we are around about my idea ;-). Haha, we are going to break into the business, watch out, it's gonna be hot and fly off the shelves. Hey! It's an untapped market!
Breaks over...back on stage to start the second half off right with my new favorite LDE song -- (Kangol Black still has a special place in my hear.. ;-) Millenium Music Conference) -- "Meet Me in London." So good. As I was grooving to the song, I noticed this character walk in, and I did a double take because I couldn't tell if it was male or female. This person was short, chubby, long black hair, a black sweater, and a black and white skirt. It was either a tranvestite or a really ugly woman. I decided it didn't really matter and ignore the mystery person. I glanced back over, and here this person is, dancing and cheering away, staring intently at Phil, with an immense hard-on. Yes, in a skirt!! I don;t think he noticed at first. Everyone on stage, except for Phil noticed, it was craziness. yeah, this lasted throughout the night. The guy kept trying to cover it up, but dude, you're in a skirt and we can so tell you are not a female now. So gross. If you're going to wear a skirt, at least tuck it or something so that kind of thing doesn't happen in the future. LDE did their cover of "Friends in Low Places" and brougth Dave up on stage to sing the chorus. Dave doesn't listen to the radio or anything popular at all (sorry, but he doesn't!) so he hummed the words and shoated out "Oasis!" at the end of every line. Pretty damn funny. Then Phil spilled the secrets that were previously shared at the Grape Street into the mic at the Logan House. Granted, I doubt the audience cared about any band dramatics that are going down, but still...principles!! ;-)
After the show we hang out and talk, and this really drunk older guy felt the need to tell the band how great they were numerous times. So Phil took me and introduced me as their manager and left! Way to leave me with the creepies! It's ok though since we were married in a previous life.
Craziness outside in the cold then back home to Newark with a stop at Aurora's in between.
"I say...is there a party going on?!?!"

Give me Friday night apartments with red-faced tears of laughter.
Jumping up and down, drinking happy ever-after
Build a wall of good people and you can’t beat a young man’s pride
So I’ll be one of them, I’ll be one of them this time.
ryan montbleau