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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Angie Aparo at The Point

Ahhh...yet another Center Stage taping and another good night. Tonight we were a bit short on people, but it all turned out ok since we actually weren't allowed to bring our whole setup.
And of course, it DOWNPOURED and we were under a Tornado Watch for most of the evening. It wouldn't be a CS taping if there wasn't the rain to try break us down. We hit a monsoon when we taped Jonasay in June, avoided tornadoes tonight, Blizzard of 04 - BRING IT ON.
What is usually a 45 minute trip took double that time, but we were able to set up and get everything underway just on time. Again, it wouldn't be a CS taping if we didn't have to run somewhere and get something, whether it be blank tapes in the ghetto, coffee at Wawa, or RCA to XLR cables at the local music supply store.
Angie put on a great set and I can't wait to see how the footage turned out. Unfortunately we were limited to only two cameras, but hey, we're old pros!
The highlight of the evening had to be Mullet Man. This guy had an intense mullet. He was hardcore. So naturally, Marissa and I followed him with our camera. Then!!! The best idea ever for a commercial!
Oh just you wait....Center Stage brings new meaning to the mullet catch phrase, "business in the front, party in the back".