"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

"meet me in london for a drink"

I needed last night after my awful day on Monday.
Got up to Grape Street and was walking to the venue when I heard LDE playing from someone's car. Very odd because it was so loud and I couldn't find where it was coming from and must have twirled around the cobblestone a few times trying to detect which car was causing the ruckus. Couldn't find it. Met up with Dave and Rusty and hung out while we waited for the other half of the band to get there. Supposed to play at 9, it was 9:10, so we play the load-in game while waiting for Phil. When he arrived, he nearly died when he saw Dave and me since he had no idea we were coming. Surprises are always good. We wanted to go up to the Grape to show the guys support, especially since they haven't been in Philly in a while, and especially because they are such good people. They played a short set, but enough to get people off their feet and to get some awesome pictures. Phil, Dave, and I hung out, caught up, and shared secrets in the back alley. We were all in usually high spirits and it was great to share that with such good company. It was time to hunt for food, so we grab Doug and traversed Main Street while we found every place that had food closed. So Phil and I walked arm and arm entertaining the others with our concept of rock n' roll porn instead of dinner. We get back to the Grape where Javi meeted us with a bag of warm Pabst. We all took three sips then chucked them into the alley of the Grape in hopes of hitting something resembling a trash can but was more likely a wall. We get Donnie and decide to head into the city in the Pittenger van to show the guys a real Philly Cheesesteak. As Dave circled South Philly, which we call South Philly and not da ghetto, and showed us the "South Philly Slide", we finally found Genos. We all cram into a table for good eats (note, I had cheese fries, not cheesesteaks...nothing with a smile). Afterwards, Donnie had to pee, so we find a 7-11 where Phil, Dave, and I make some trouble and take more pictures. Slurpees and hot chocolate are so good on so many levels. We get back to the Grape and Dave is driving me to my car first where we find out that OH NO THE GARAGE WHERE MY CAR WAS KEPT IS CLOSED!! It was 1 am!! Who closes a garage at midnight when bars around there stay open till 2?!?! Argh. So Phil calls the garage number for me to no avail. Well, Phil was going north to Connecticut, the Godinez brothers were heading to DC in the van, and Rusty had his car. So Rusty and Doug said they would drop me off in Newark en route to DC. So sweet. So we're bumping to some go-go, and just got onto 495 when Phil calls me and tells me the LDE van broken down somewhere in PA. Through multiple phone calls, we realize the van ran out of gas. Sigh, not a good day for travelling! So I get home around 2:30 and woke up at 5:50 so I could go grab my car in Manyunk this morning. Good thing my mom had off the past few days. Sigh.
And today was spent getting things accomplished, so no sleep was to be had. Tonight we're filming Angie Aparo. We rock.
Oh and watch the F out, great things are in store for LDE. GREAT THINGS.