"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, November 14, 2003

six performances in two hours

So the girls round up and we head to Bryn Mawr to the Point. I love the Point; it used to be my premiere venue and now I don't go there nearly enough. I guess when you try to go to fifteen different venues a month, its hard to squeeze the favorites in. It was a Songwriters Circle featuring Rich Price, Ryan Montbleau, Tyler Hilton, and Julia Othmer. The four of them were on stage and rotated, performing one song each time. Aurora, Tessa, and I had seen Rich Price before, a few months ago at The Saint with Green to Think and Graham Colton. Ryan Montbleau blew us away. He held his own style and emitted such talent. Very blues influenced and though I do enjoy the "crooning singer songwriter genre", Ryan offered something a bit more refreshing. If I wasn't so damn tired, I would write more. Tyler Hilton was also a very good performer. Unfortunately we didn't get to see more of the set than a few songs, but its always good to find new ones. We also ran into Mackenzie, Ari Hest's merch girl who we all met in DC who goes to UD. Very sweet girl, and just like us, so if you see her, say hi!
We left to grab some food at Peace a Pizza - NOT as good as ours - then get gas and coffee. Bipin was the man of the hours since that's about how long it took him at the gas station. Bipin!! We have places to go!
We get to Kahuna to see Jealousy Curve's last song and all of the Omnisoul set. Good show, but still didn't beat the passion that was at the East End the other week. They are such a talented band and they keep getting stronger. Great things to come hopefully sooner than later. Get home around 2 am and spent a few hours doing laundry since my washer machine exploded a few hours earlier and listened to some new music. Stupid insomnia and work in the AM.