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Friday, November 07, 2003

Spooky Looptasticness!!

I am stealing Jen's blog, then adding my own thoughts because its a lot easier to cut and paste someone's thoughts that were a lot fresher when they wrote it, then trying to recall...
Jens blog can be found here in its completeness: www.livejournal.com/users/sheilahmcpaste

The Halloween bar loop in Wilmington!
LAURIE as The Butterfly
KAREN as Can-can girl
MIRANDA as The Scandalous Winged Woodland Creature
MELISSA as Greek Goddess
NATE as Hula girl
JEN as The Spooky Spider Lady

We hit two bars around Logan House, one was full of people twenty years older than us and the other had Melissa and Miranda and I pinned to the ledge the whole time. On the way to bar #2 we were talking about the 48 year old lady who had the same wings as Laurie, and how bitchy she was being, saying "My mask is better, you're not authentic, I've been here longer" and how she should have said in reply "Yeah you've been here twenty years longer". Then we look up to see Miranda and Melissa running down the street, Miranda trying to lift her ass onto a covered motorcycle on the sidewalk, the alarm going off, and the two of them running down the rest of the street. Fabulous :)
Logan House had an hour wait, so we decided to pile in Nate's car and head for the Waterfront. First though, Melissa had to pee, so her and Miranda ran up the steep hill by the parking lot to do their duty. Next thing I know Melissa's trying to walk down and ends up rolling down the hill at top speed onto my feet. Classic. Turns out our poor buddy was pretty hurt when the buzz wore off, and is on crutches. Hang in there Aphrodite!
Kahunaville was fun, Miranda wiping out on the sidewalk in front and exposing all was even more fun. Next was Iron Hill, where I violated Melissa and Karen and I spent some quality time in the bathroom. My Halloween buddies say that I'm a good drunk :-D
Good drunk or not, the "Vamprie Shot" that Miranda and I finished with completely did me in, and I'm completely gone still. Fantastic!
Word of the night: SCANDALOUS

Yeah, that pretty much sums that night up. Except that I don't think I was running as much as Jen said I was. And I don't know why I tried to get on the motorcycle...it was there and it wanted a rider. As soon as I tried getting on it (the operative word there is "tried") a pansy ass alarm went off. Woo Woo Woo!! Pansy enough to make us high tail it to Scratch McGoos though.
Also, I will explain Melissa's injury further. Melissa had to go to the bathroom so I told her to go in the woods instead of waiting in line somewhere else, and I told her I would go up the treacherous hill with her if she needed. So we go up the mountian, in privacy, since where she was standing there was no privacy. We're up the hill and the next thing I know, I see this little white and gold toga careening down the hill and stopping abruptly in front of the car. Man, that was the funniest thing that night. Poor Melissa!!! So we pile in Nate's car and go to Kahuna. Melissa does the Percolater (its a bad bad bad dance from the middle school era) quite well for being an itty bitty white girl. I honestly think that's how she sprained her ankle, not falling down a hill. After Kahuna we walked to Iron Hill, where I proceded to walk just fine. I don't know how I busted ass, but the next thing I know I am on the ground, and it was so funny because I didn't trip or anything, it was a perfetly flat surface. And on the way back up, the crew saw a lot more than I intended. Sorry guys.
At Iron Hill Jen and I did this shot, which not a smart idea. Vampire Shot from Hell it should have been called. Plastered at this point, so there is no where else to go but the diner.
Enough to go home, sleep a few, then work the record store....