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Friday, November 07, 2003

Eleven Oh One

I really should blog more often, but I don't. So deal.

The Saturday after the Loop was Aurora's Birthday Bash. Still not 21, but at least she isn't a teenager anymore ;-). I opened up the record store, then headed out in the afternoon to get the girl and head to Lums Pond. It was such a beautifully nice day that we took the top off and blasted our bands top notch on 896. Marlon Spike was playing a benefit at the park so we stopped by for a few songs. Was it bad that we drank and Aurora wanted to smoke at a Health Fair? When we first got there, Aurora saw this booth that said "Treasure Your Sexuality", though she thought it said "Measure Your Sexuality" and she got excited. Afterwards we visited Melissa, who called in the morning to tell us she was on crutches due to her drunken fall at the loop. Then back to my place for some pre-party festivities. We panicked because we couldn't find anything that came in with a clear broadcast of the football game (UD vs. Maine), but were relieved when we heard the Blue Hens still remain undefeated. Man, we rock.

Jen picked us up at my place to head to Tylers. Not without making a scene in front of Rainbow though, I swear I don't think the girl has any front tires left. ;-) The entire trip to Tylers was spent singing loudly to bad radio songs and me on the phone with Mark and Steve trying to give them directions to the Logan House. I enjoyed how Steve called me every 5 minutes to tell me what exit he's at. And he trusts me with directions after I missed 3 exits to his place last time? Just kidding ;-). There are two things I am not good at...things that pertain to the stove, and the road. In regards to everything else, I am a supergenius.
So we hit up the Logan House in full force, early though so we could play the backdoor trick so Aurora could get in. So we all catch up and talk music junk and drink and its fun. Steve played a good solo set in front of a pretty responsive crowd, so that was encouraging. Chris came shortly before the end of Steve's set, and we played the introduction game. Boyce's Road put on a good energetic show. Jen bought the cd, haven't listened to it yet. Caught some of Jonasay's show before Chris and I headed out to Aurora's...
Aurora and I were tlaking about how crazy it would be because its the meeting of several forces...tv people, home people, music people, ud people, random people, yeah. But a good time was had by all. I think the flip cup game at the end was the highlight. I don't drink beer, and I certainly don't drink beer that fast, but I did. Ugh. Chris was playing with the Captain and Steve with water. We had a mixed team. The guy who we were playing didn't want to stop playing - ever. 4:30 AM, Justin left for DC, Steve for Pennsauken, Eric went roaming around the state of DE, Chris and I to Rainbow, and Aurora was left obliterated at her place. A perfect sign of a good birthday.
And of course I had to open the store in the morning. Silly Sundays...