"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, November 09, 2003

So tired. Yesterday was yet another open to close day at the record store, though the last half was entertaining since it was Maryanne, Charise, and me. We all got caught up in each others lives and watched the eclipse. I think they thought I was nuts since I was bouncing around the store the entire time. Charise had bought me coffee and that did me in.
Afterwards, Karen, Dan, Chris, and I headed up to Philly to hang out with some friends of theirs. Always refreshing to meet new people. You'd be proud of me, I was the responsible DD and didn't even drink, unlike other times. Before we went to Pat's (Cheesesteaks - I know I know, I drifted away from Jim's....even though I do not consume the product, there's still years of loyalty to ol' Jim) we played in this big pile of leaves. Great fun. It was cold. Very cold. Stupid lack of internal heating system. I swear, I have no thyroid. I had to parallel park and I did it successfully on my second attempt in front of the whole line of people in front of Pat's. I averted a potentially embarrassing situation by perfect navigation from my passengers :-). It was NOT another Bohagers incident. Ask Aurora, its her favorite story of me and driving. We drove around the vicinity of Pat's for about a half hour as we tried to find Oliver's car. We knew it was on a street...and he had to walk to Pat's...and he saw a red light near where he parked....he thinks. Operative word being "thinks". But we found it and all was good for the rest of the trek home. Got home around 5 and watched Saving Silverman due to the prior conversations of Neil Diamond. I had all this energy until the drive home from Karen's where I nearly fell asleep with every blink. And of course a weary miranda is a boring miranda and I crashed around 7:15. Stupid 10:30 am alarm clock. But it was worth it, good times :-)