"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, November 16, 2003

"welcome home its so nice to meet you"

Saturday night was spent with more musical goodness and good times with great friends. Our motto has always been work hard...play hard. Seriously now, I think we all attract one another due to our penchant for emmersing ourselves into everything we do...music, tv, drinking, radio, work, what have you.
Off to East End for the evening to see Omnisoul - yes, again, and Ike perform. We like Ike. A lot. Premium malt beverages were had and crazy dancing and singing ensued. We enjoy making John laugh at his "delaware crew" while onstage. Between sets we all chatted in the back, then made our way back near the front for Omnisoul. Oliver, Dan, Chris, and I have seen them three times in four days, merely by convenience ;-). If they keep it up, they may break the PMB 4 show, 5 day record. And we can't be having that.
Great Omnisoul show, as usual. And Dan got his Paranoid Android. Complete with the Shaka of Love. After the show, it was off to Derek's. Aurora, Jen, Hillary, and I got into the car and decided the next best place to go was Wawa. Ok, so again, I am sure you all know my obsessed love for Wawa, and one of the most joyous things inside the Wawa is the "incident free" sign educating the costumers on just how safe Wawa is. Well we pull up and I see an ambulance. APPARENTLY I freaked out wondering if there was an incident. APPARENTLY I was really excited about that. I don't think I did anything of the sort and they are just exaggerating. I am always calm and collected. Always.
So then we go to Derek's for more drinking and talking when we figured that the best thing to do at that moment was to walk across the street to the diner. Nice. Until early Sunday morning, I have never seen anyone drink it up at a diner. Chris conveniently replaced his water with vodka at the table in a valiant effort in hardcore drinking. Hey, the booze travels with us wherever we go. Mr. Flask does not like to be left home alone.
When all was done and well, it was 5 am when I went to bed. And again, I had to wake up super early to open up the record store. The word of the day was "hardcore". It was uttered about 80 times from five different people. Yeah, we're all hardcore.
5 am seems to be the magic number.