"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, November 16, 2003

illadelphia, yo

Friday was same old, same old. Record store, radio station, show of some sort.
The radio show went ok, for the most part. Somehow I seem to lose my voice on Fridays where I have to broadcast for two hours, rather than any of the other 6 days. It was comforting to hear all of the phone calls to the station wishing that I felt better. Thank you.
Afterwards, Chris, Dan, and I headed to the Grape Street to see Omnisoul before going to South Street. Derek and I were talking about, I think, at my place the other night...or was it somewhere else...I can't recall...all days lately seem to blur together, how much his band has evolved since I first started hearing their music years ago. Whoa, we are definitely old. I just said the word "years". Yikes! But they put on a good show and thankfully the room filled up pretty nicely for them during their set.
We, the "we" has now grown to Chris, Dan, Oliver, Matt, Jess, and I, left the Grape and followed the river down to South Street for some food and more music. Green to Think was playing at the Pontiac and since its been MONTHS since I have seen a full-on GTT show, I had to be there. It was good to see the guys and the GTT girls again, such good people. They're all going to make living in NYC even better. GTT played the whole Sundays EP, plus "We Are Stars", "She Won't Let Me Be", "1, 2, 3...", and "Nineteen". And when I say "the whole Sundays EP", I mean it...including Allison Rose. Yeah acoustic geetah.
I almost hit a deer coming home from Chris's. It had antlers!! :::proceed to wave hands above head signifying actual antlers::: Everyone would be glad to know I stopped and waited for him to cross the street, as opposed to actually hitting it like other furry creatures that cross my path. I think it was around 4:30 am when I went to bed this time, yay for going to bed early. Or earlier than 5. Stupid 10 am opening the store crap.