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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Phil is quick with the journal entry

Here is the LDE point of view of the night...

November 18th, 2003: Grape Street Pub, Philadelphia, PA.

So, Donnie and Rod and I had to get from New Canaan, Connecticut to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2 hours during the later part of rush hour. Somehow, I eluded our friends from the law enforcement agencies and made to the Grape Street Pub only five minutes late. Donnie says says that the only reason we left the recording studio was to pick up a few Philly Cheesesteaks.

We got to the Grape as fast as we could and set up the stage. By the time we began our set, we only had enough time to perform about 5 songs. So, I didn't even bother setting up my acoustic guitar and we started our set as soon as we were set up on stage. No soundcheck. We played KANGOL BLACK PARTY, NO VOY A LLORAR, CONTROL, STRANGER, DOIN THE BUTT and BETTER THAN YOU EVER DREAMED WAS POSSIBLE.

After the show, we hung out with three of my heros, who are DAVE PITTENGER, MIRANDA HAFFORD and SAMMIE FROM Y-100. Dave Pittenger has a great band in Philly called THE DAVE PITTENGER BAND (www.thedpband.com). Donnie wanted to eat a really good Philly Cheesesteak so Dave drove me, Miranda, Donnie and Doug somewhere deep into the back ghettos of South Philly to a tremendous cheesesteak place. We bought the food, ate and I have had the shits all day. Thanks alot Dave! I thought the only part of my waste that was supposed to be runny was supposed to come out of the apparatus on the front of me.

Then, we return from the high integestion to Manyuck (where Grape Street is) and we find that Miranda's car has been locked inside the garage she parked in! No luck. Rusty said that he would drive her home. THEN, on the way home, Rod runs out of gas (...I guess he could have borrowed some of mine from the cheesesteak). He ended up having to call the police to help him (I never thought I'd see the day). I wonder what the cops thought when they smelled the van's "air freshener" (heh heh)...

...OH, somebody end our misery, please!

-PHIL from The Road