"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, November 23, 2003

the comm girls show newark whats up, or not

I was going to spend my Saturday night finishing my NYU essay, scanning pictures, watching a movie, and catching up on sleep. Yeah, that didn't happen.
I was already in my pajamas and writing diligently away on my computer when I heard from Brittany saying that Whitney was visiting us from DC. Change of plans!
The last time I saw Whitney was when we all sat together at graduation. So odd where time takes us and how quickly time goes by. Seems like just yesterday where we were all at the TV station rolling over in laughter at the mockery that was the Daily Rewind. So cool though that we can all hang out and have a good time as if we were still around.
Let's see where everyoneis now... Everyone being our core tv posse, because since we devulged our life into that damn endeavor, we ended up being such good friends, which is odd because we have all always said that if it wasn't for the hell that was STN we all probably wouldn't have gotten to know each other. Nothing brings people closer than editing for 10 hours straight at 4 am, cursing the consistent broken equipment, and realizing that we were the only ones taking ourselves seriously - oh wait, we didn't do that. Well, I am here still at Rainbow and putting off anymore hardcore job search since I am hopefully going to grad school in the fall. Karen is still searching and working at Cafe Gelato in the meantime. Whitney is at American in the film program getting her masters. Anne is heading off to Australia for a bit to travel and find a random job there. Fisher is living at home in Silver Spring, unfortunately there is no Grottos there, so no idea where he is working, but its not anything related to our degree or television. And of course, Jen, Brittany, and Aurora are still at UD. Ok, that is the end of my nostalgia, let the good times begin...!
So Brittany, Jen, and I head to Kate's to meet up with Whitney and Liz for a night of drinking and dancing - which beats writing an essay any day! Premium malt beverages were consumed as well as finishing off Whitneys beer as we passed it back and forth. Whitney and I take pride in the fact that since we don't go to U of D anymore we can act like fools with our dancing since we don't see these people on a continuous basis like Jen and Brittany. So we bust out the 80's groove. Ew!! And the guys there are like hawks! They don't dance and they just stare at their prey waiting for the perfect time to launch. Don't be creepy!! It's ok though since we are all pretty strong and don't allow ourselves to be victims of the creepiness. Do not break our girl circle because we will laugh at you and make fun of you and think of you as a lesser man.
We left shortly after midnight then headed to 123 to meet up with Andy and the frisbee party. They had an unusual amount of large stuffed and blow up animals in their living room. Mass quantities of pink stuff was consumed and the incredible hulk gloves were busted out. Liz then proceed to make sweet love to the blow up monkey. Valente made an appearance, why do we call him Valente instead of Mike, how did that begin!? We were all piled onto the couch analyzing certain behaviors and debating the name of Whitney and Valente's love child.
Ha! Intercourse Hellllllloooooo!!!!! So when we got to the party, Mike Sansom was playing his guitar with a mass sing-a-long. We found it odd that we knew the words until Andy reminded us of the frisbee band, Intercourse Hello. As soon as we heard that, we (Whitney, Jen, and I) shouted out how you say the name. Can you beleive that was three years ago?! Party Warehouse was definitely a highlight of STN in retrospect.
Last night was great and I wish I had more of the entertaining details since we were pretty much laughing our asses off the entire night.