"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, November 23, 2003

no way november will see our goodbye

I am so stuffed from early Thanksgiving dinner!!
The past few years have always found us having a big Thanksgiving dinner at someone's house, and this year, Andy fell victim to hosting the festivities. I went to my first group Thanksgiving four years ago with Michelle at Tim's place over at 365 and its been tradition since. The Holiday dinner the girls hosted at 5208 two years ago was insanity. Always great to have homecooked food, good wine, and friends all gather together.
I worked in the morning and thankfully Charise covered the rest of my shift so I could pick up Karen then head to Andy's. We watched the Eagles game and devoured Nina's dip. There is a reason that they don't let this girl come unless she brings her Mexican concoction with her! ;-) We ate a huge dinner downstairs while watching this Extreme Challenge game on Spike TV. Oh my gosh, the best tv show EVER. No where else but on Spike can you find crazy physical challenges being dubbed over in snarky and crude english. And where else do you have to carry a golden orb (a painted voleyball) while getting slammed in the face with a ball. Or a guy in a peanut suit leaping over a muddy pond to get from plank to plank. So damn funny. Then the end of Rush Hour, followed by the Simpsons. Quality Sunday TV programming to coincide with the thanksgiving dinner.
Karen and I were quite impressed with Andy's new place, though Tim claims that it wasn't Andy's control of the decorating. Crazy how in a few years we go from a place that had a sausage nailed to the wall to now a house with a sailboat on the coffee table and a spice rack. Its ok though, the empty Miller Lite case remains the same. :-) Getting older doesn't necessarily mean growing up.