"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

"this pitcher of beer costs as much as a drink in nyc!"

Monday morning, while talking with Maryellen, she mentioned how she had Monday and Tuesday off. She joked that she should come down to Delaware to hang out, so that idea snowballed and it was decided that she would spend her Monday evening Newark style. :-)

Maryellen is an awesome person to talk to and dance with and complain to :-). Anywhere from granny panties to drunken text messages to American Idol - we've almost hit it all so I was extremely excited that she was coming down to hang out. :-)

I was at work all day and night so she met up with me afterwards where we immediately became giddy little girls haha. Chris came over and then we were off to Kate's to meet up with Dan. Funny, as soon as we walked into Kate's we saw Anthony and Jason, who I haven't seen since the old Sallies days sophomore year. Awesome.

Grab a table and a pitcher upstairs and tore Chris's credit card to pieces. Literally. Though we got a lot right, we did not come anywhere close to winning Quizzo. But at least Marlon Spike got plugged and we had nachos, both of which you can never deny.

We talk about my blog and I inform them that I don't say anything too blatant in here because I am pretty much a wuss. And when you have one of the shyest people ever having a blog, you don't get too much out of me. Muahaha, but that can change, or not. They said I haven't written anything too bad or exposiing, of course except for the red jacket. But see, I am trying to protect the innocent...or myself!

Maryellen was amazed at the cheapness of the pitchers. And of course no tax, which is always great. Wasn't as crowded as previous Mondays, but still fun. Andrew came out so we didn't need to call him a douchebag or call his cell phone eight hundred times. Chris yawned a lot and wasn't as animated as usual, so I had to call him out on it :-). Dan called out of work so he could go to Quizzo and use Tuesday to do school work instead of the other way around, Maryellen already called out, and then Chris decided that instead of taking a half day he just wasn't going to go in. Damn them, I had to work all damn day today! Dan and Maryellen felt the need to play the hunting game after Quizzo. I think Maryellen kicked his ass, but I may be mistaken...