"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, February 26, 2004

armed with my hazlenut coffee with caramel cream

Well, tonights the night, kids. Another one of those glorious "my paper is due tomorrow so I will not go to bed until its done" nights that I knew all too well in college. I never really envied those who got their stuff done either on time or early, because they never had anything else to do in between. The thrill of the approaching deadline is much more exhilerating.

So extremely tired. Another looooong ten hour day at work. Four of those in a row kinda gets to you. Jamie, Raf, Jim, and I have seen way too much of each other lately. I tend to gaze out the window and make comments towards the passerby and its gotten to the point where Jim joins in. Some kid came in today and started hanging things up without even asking us, and Jim is staring at him. The kids leaves and Jim goes to see what he hung up and said he was going to take it down. I say no, that that kid can do whatever he wants because he has cool hair. So of course this goes into a conversation about my penchant for awesome spikey or shaggy hair. He then points out people asking my opinion. I guess it was funnier there just seeing Jim and I talk about this. Nevermind.

Seriously. Don't wear flannel and a washed out Metallica t-shirt and acid wash tight jeans while still sporting the perm with your bangs in that wave thing and flashing your keys with eight of those plastic keychains with stupid quotes on them and be snippy with me because I will NOT order your Fates Warning CD if you have an attitude.

The day was brought to us by the following CDs - we have all been too lazy to even change them out of the player: Burning Spear, Matt Nathanson, Sheryl Crow, Marlon Spike, Norah Jones. I now know all of the words to the Best of Sheryl Crow and I don't think that is a good thing. (sorry guys, i thought the following was funny...) I think Raf and I were eating or something and Marlon Spike is playing and Raf starts singing along. And at the same moment I was thinking "I don't really like this line". So I laugh and tell Raf that I think its an odd line, and he laughs and says "me too, it bothers me every time I hear that one line". This is what happens when you listen to the same five CDs for the past 4 days, you notice the idiosyncrasies with everything.

Our vinyl room is looking better. I also hung up the new Hootie poster with pride in plain view of everyone. My shift was highlighted by visits from Eric, Korweck, the 60 year old stoner who I always forget his name, Randy, Chris, Jason, and some random guy who recognized my voice and said he listens to my radio show. He sold back the Thrills CD, shame on him.

Wrote to some record labels and talked to my usual A & R people. Thursday nights were made for e-mail. Where the hell are my damn Touch & Go LP bags??!! I was not happy when the mailman didn't come in with them today. Sorted some stuff out for the in-store on Saturday. Yay it was listed in some weekly magazine, I forget which one now.

Of course Jamie and I talked the entire night and tried to keep each other awake since we both barely slept last night. It was a pretty low key day. Blah.

I went to Wawa to get the staff of life - coffee and a sweet cream stuffed pretzel (they were out of the mac and cheese!) and noticed that the Wawa is still 99 days incident free.