"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, February 22, 2004

birthdays and beer, funky beats and shots, ectobooze and diners

"Give me Friday night apartments with red-faced tears of laughter.
Jumping up and down, drinking happy ever-after
Build a wall of good people and you can't beat a young man's pride
So I'll be one of them, I'll be one of them this time." rb

Aurora and I were going to see Ryan play at the Point, but nooooo it sold out before we got our tickets. It all worked out though because there was plenty to do in DE. I was talking to Michelle, Tim, Chris, Derek, Dan, and Tanya and before I could even tell Aurora how we weren't going to Manayunk, the evenings plans were made.

Before heading out, I met up with Rainbow Chris behind the store. So much drama happens in that lot, from throwing furniture to people throwing up to arguments to rejoicing and this time we tried to sort some things out. Chris is a great person to talk to and because we work so much together and gripe about similar things, it helps to bounce stuff off of him. Its hard for me to trust people, and its the same with him, so I am glad that we're both around for each other during this very odd time we found ourselves in. I apologize for the vagueness, but that is how its going to be until some things get settled and so I can protect the innocent and not so innocent.

Obviously a lot has been on my mind, the past few weeks have found me in some odd circumstances. I've learned a lot about some friends of mine and it ways heavy on the soul.

I haven't had a chance to hang out with Tim in a while, though I have been seeing more of Nina lately since she has been stopping in the store. She told me about how they are going out to celebrate at Iron Hill so I went there first. Jason and Michelle were also there and it was great to see them again. Even though Jason just watched the basketball game while we all talked nonstop. Michelle is enjoying Drexel a lot more this semester, so I am glad she decided to stick it out for another semester. You should also pick up the latest copy of the Bystander (a monthly DE mag), Michelle's articles in there are always intriguing! :-)

"Like eating jello with a knife." -tanya, on certain circumstances...

Left Iron Hill around midnight and went to meet up with Tanya, Chris, Dan, & Ali at the Logan House. Milo Z was performing and it was definitely awesome. Guaranteed to make you dance. So Tanya and I took some shots, I say shots plural because the bartender hooked us up and gave us like 3, and danced away. Chris enjoyed some Jameson and Dan was served a tasty concoction of coke and vanilla goodness. Ali, Tanya, and I pulled out the save me card a few times with the skeevy guys around. Seriously now - stop it. Shawn was having a party at his place, so we leave the LH around 1 and head to Newark.

Ali, Dan, and I park at Pearson and see some interesting guys in the lot with some nitro. They said something that was funny, but I can't remember what it is now, but laugh anyways. Another packed house at 137 and we find our way into the kitchen. Dan told me he was going to get me a drink, so Derek prompted him to get the um...Drunk Turtle? Green Turtle...? Something Turtle. Dan comes back with two cups filled to the brim with a neon green beverage. It reminded me of the Hi-C Ecto Cooler drink fifteen years ago. But it was tasty and we all know that that is all that matters. Derek wasn't drinking because he has been sick for weeks and everything on the full length is done except for his vocals - I am sure if he had a cup of the ectobooze, it would kill any infection he has in his system.

I went up to the second floor to go to the bathroom and come out and meet these people in the hallways. So then it was decided that we'd shotgun Keystone. Yeah, I am so not good at that and made a mess. So Dan got us another round of ectobooze, this time much stronger than the last and though my cup was strong, his made my mouth numb. Tanya and Chris show up shortly after to join in on the kitchen festivities. I met someone else and we talked about stuff that I can't remember now, I just remember we were blocking the fridge.

Haha, I just asked Tanya if anything noteworthy happened at the party and all she said was "ectobooze". Hahaha.

Then we went to the diner. But we denied our usual Eagle Diner outing for the Korner Diner because it was only two blocks away and we could walk to it. We get a table for ten and cause a ruckus in the corner of the Korner. Dan got his miscellaneous sauce, chocolate chip pancakes were had, and Jenna and I split some fries because that is the best food ever at 4 am. Dan busted his cell phone and apparently it was "the black thing" that was somewhere on the floor. Which was the antenna, but "black thing" is the technological term. Our waitress...or waiter...? I can't remember if it was a guy or girl, wasn't as awesome as our Eagle one either.

We leave and head over to Ali's because she lives across the street. So Tanya has this red jacket. And Chris wore the red jacket. I can't even describe it. He even struck a pose in this sexy red jacket. I think we were all speechless because it was great. Dan and I later wondered how long he has been waiting to seize the opportunity to wear the fuzzy warmness that is the red jacket. We find Ali's Felicity DVDs and put in the first show. I think we made it through one show before we all crashed. I live a block away so I just went home to my own bed since that sounded a lot better then sleeping sitting up on a couch. Did that a few weekends ago and it was amazingly comfortable, or not.