"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, February 22, 2004

"operation live my life in a sea of never beens"

I don't usually get nervous for my radio show, but on Friday, I was on edge. Ryan Montbleau was going to stop on by for some songs and to chat on air. I have interviewed dozens of musicians and have been broadcasting on the radio for over two years, but I was jittery this time because I have a deep respect for Ryan and think he is amazingly talented and I didn't want to screw anything up. His music is incredible and more people need to hear it. Their lives will become better. :-) The only other time I was this nervous was when I interviewed Teitur, but Marissa didn't give me enough time to be nervous ;-).

Ryan arrived at the station a little before three and the last hour of my show flew by. He is so easy to talk to and has so many intriguing stories that it made for a good show. And I actually remembered to sleep the night before, so I didn't make as many stupid mistakes as I usually do. Just technological ones.

Ryan played Honeymoon Eyes, Variety, Stretch, and Just Perfect and by the amount of phone calls I received during the show, I assume it sounded great over the air waves. In his spare time he enjoys drinking tea and walking. I was almost a dumbass when I almost said "i like tea too". Haha, my friends tease me because I have like 8 boxes of different types of tea on my counter on any given day. But I didn't, it was just what I thought of.

I'll listen to the mini disc this week and update you on the interesting parts of the interview so you can see why I think he is an amazing musician.