"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, February 15, 2004

happy heart day

I spent most of my Valentine's Day at the record store with Maryanne and Jamie. The evening was dabbled with conversations about boys, personal injuries, sucky friends, and awful movies. Of course we drew in some customers to join our ramblings. Sometimes I think we forget that people can hear us and half the time they come in just to see what we are talking about haha. We are such the entertainers. Jamie is hilarious, we think the same way and, well, we are elitists - or at least we think that way. We know we rule, haha not really, we just live in our own little world.

Chris M. came down from Jersey and met me at the store before we departed for Melissa's for an evening of laughing, bitching, making fun, and drinking while watching basketball, SNL, and playing video games. As soon as we got there I made a mess in the kitchen by dropping my bottle (it didn't break though) and Chris followed up by spilling his beverage in the dining room. Aurora said something that was witty that would fit perfectly in here, but as I write this, I forgot what it was. A highlight was the carbombs we did and chased with samoas. Brilliant. No place would deliver, so Aurora, Chris, and I went to Wawa (aka Mecca), for sustenence for everyone. Melissa wouldn't let me take my drink with me, so I stole another out of the fridge. We sang Graham just for Chris in the car and followed it up with the Low Life. LDE would have been proud ;-). The Wawa has been incident free for 9 days.

I tried to finish a bottle of wine, from the bottle, but Melissa and Nate took it away from me more than half way through. We watched the Chappelle show and laughed our asses off. It was the one with John Mayer on it. Chris was passing out on the papasan so it was time to leave. And no guys, I did not get sick. Yay me.