"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

monday is for quizzo

I am retrogressing a little over a week. I have been crazily busy lately so anytime spent at my apartment has been either spent sleeping or getting ready to run out again, definitely not in front of my computer. So I will go backwards and update you on snippets of the past week. You care because I care.

I spent my Monday nigth after work at Kate's for Quizzo with Dan, Chris, and Derek. Of course there was show promotion going on and devouring of nachos. In a sentence, Quizzo is four rounds of trivia questions where the victor of each round gets booze of some sort. And its not that chump electronic trivia found at every bar. The evening is laced with Geno and Dan's colorful humorous rants and quips about people in the audience, which makes the evening that much more enjoyable. So, let's start the evening off right...

There was this Hispanic man who came up the stairs mid-rant and probably has no idea what he was in for. So of course they proceed to make fun of him for something, in which the man had to respond with "Your mom...(something about whatever comment was made)...bitch!". And it was funny the first time, but EVERY time this guy said this sentence, it got more annoying. And what made the annoyance more grating was the fact that he moved right next to our table and continued to yell this utterance over tip of us. Chris's expressions were priceless, as if someone was scraping their fingernails across a blackboard. He later said this on the message board at 2:37am, which sums it up perfectly:

Your momma.. apocalyptic.. b*tch!

(NOTE: This is the sort of thing that was SCREAMED in my ear for the first half hour of Quizzo tonight at Kate's in Newark, DE. While I appreciate the fact that the guy SCREAMING was having a good time on his buddy's birthday, I really appreciate the fact that he left once his group got cut off by Joel the bartender.)

The guy and his friends got kicked out and it was awesome. We lost by two points and that was not as awesome as the guy getting kicked out. Afterwards Dan and Chris came back to my place, where Dan proceeded to pass out on my papasan chair. He informed me that my water cures hangovers and drunkeness. He said that everytime he drinks it he is isntantly cured. Must be all of those Newark chemicals! So Dan is passed out and Chris and I mess around on the computer and cure our drunkeness by talking. I learned a lot about his musical history that I didn't know before and he gained a lot more respect from me. Not that he hadn't already, but I was really intrigued and amazed with how he got into playing and performing as well as things he has been involved with. Around 4 am we contemplate whether Dan is going to go home and change before going to work at 9am. I tell Chris that Dan could wear his pants and he responds with, "look at Dan, he's lanky as crap!". Which I guess is only funny if you are either myself or Chris or if it is 4 in the morning. We finally pass out around 6 am from exhaustion.