"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

"i'll have you naked by the end of this song"

Ok, I don't know the Justin Timberlake lyrics, but I think that is right. SO DAMN FUNNY. Thank you Morgan for sending me this: http://www.morgasmic.org/images/janetboob.jpg

We held the Super Bowl festivities at Melissa's this year. The first half of the game blew and the commercials weren't that much better. But Karen and I drank 6 bottles of wine I think. Tequila and Jager shots were taken. We tore into pink elephants.

The half time show sucked worse than the first half. What was it, 1999? Janet Jackson and P. Diddy and Kid Rock's 4 year old single?! But Melissa caught Janet's exposure and it was great.

Rick has a mini keg thingy so I said something about a keg stand on it. Oh and we did, oh we did. I can't beleive we did, but that was also entertaining.

Melissa and I were the only ones yelling at the TV I think. Her for the Panthers and me for the Patriots. And we know who prevailed, it was awesome.

Karen and I have a tendency to play airplane when we are together, so we tried. Operative word being tried. For two years we have been planning a jello wrestling tournament, but something always gets in the way. That was mentioned when Chris came, and so we decided on snow wrestling, though it was just us playing in the snow. I hope we didn't scare him. Jello wrestling will happen at some point. Perhaps the rooftop in the spring...?

We go back in and watch Super Troopers which wasn't that Super. Neither was the bowl.

Pictures will be up shortly and I am sorry I am lacking the detail, perhaps Melis and Karen can fill me in because I am way too tired to think right now.