"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

"life measured in bottles given up to spirits untold"

Sheets of ice and fluttering snowflakes covered the Delaware region causing the Grape Street to cancel their concert festivities for the evening. Marlon Spike was a featured artist for the Y100 Tuesday Night Music Club and we had the caravans all ready for a night of good music and good times. So instead, we headed over to the Omniapartment for a variance of our expected nights activity.

Derek and Jamie live within walking distance, so after Aurora and I contemplated on whether to walk or drive thru the tundra, we opted for driving, and the park job in the snow bank was fantastic. We came armed with Raspberry vodka and Sprite. It was funny that when I put it on the table, Chris and Dan said that they got the same thing because, well, because that's how we do...

We listen to the Omnisoul edition of the SPF VII, which included the Jamie Orlando sessions and the Marlon Spike take on The Greater You (Omnisoul song). It was so damn great - we laughed and cried. Shortly after the boys - Chris, Derek, Dan, & Jamie - pick up an assortment of instruments and start playing away. The Chris and Derek rendition of The Greater You was awesome. We also talk about how we are displacing the DE music scene and taking it to NYC. Yoink!

Chris informed me of his hemi-blindness and his allergies and though I feel his pain, he does not beleive I do. The conversation turned to drinking a lot and getting sick when Tanya mentioned how brutal last weekend was to her. Aurora and I were just talking about how we were alcoholic bulimics. Or beer bulimics...there was a term used. I told Tanya that she hasn't been sick from drinking until she utters the words "i'm never drinking again". And that was the synopsis of the others. Which I guess isn't a good thing to strive for, but ehhh that's how we do. And she brought great stuff that rivals the honey liquor. I am not even going to try to spell it, but its from South Africa and it is tasty on ice. The girl knows her booze ;-).

Derek inquired about going to the diner. We all know that if we drink at the Omniapartment, we make a stop at the diner across the street. Derek also informed us that he only goes when we're all there hahaha. While Chris was dabbling with the synthesizer, Dan said we need a reason to come back to drink some more afterwards, and though we didn't come up with one, we headed out anyways. Somehow swearing came up and Chris never swears, unless he is drunk. And yeah, he was drunk and it was humorous.

Aurora and Derek went out to smoke while we were bundling up and greeted us with snowballs. I think I missed Chris by a longshot but we ended up drenching each other in snow by the time we got to the diner. Tanya put snow down Dan's back and that was just mean ;-). I mean not mean...just chilling. We were the only ones at the diner and had a super cool waitress. Dan bought a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon - since there was no us going to the Grape Street, he brought the Grape Street to us - and brought two PBR's for us to consume at the diner. So we sit down and Chris starts off the conversation (and the best quote in a while):

chris: Does anyone else think the ozone layer is a wuss? It's a big pussy.
tanya: I don't like that word
chris: Neither does the ozone layer.

So damn funny. I don't remember much more from the diner. Oh, I do remember Chris giving me a lesson on his snazzy new flash for his camera. And that the lens cover was ok to break instead of the lens because the lens cover was "not that many dollars" and the camera itself was "much more many dollars".

We come back and not really sure what we do. The Dewey Beach Music Conference came up. This April is going to be more insane than it usually is. Seriously. We sang Biz Markie again. Jamie didn't know that one either. We're going to have to teach him the ways of the classic hip hop. Once Chris and Derek pass out we figured it was time to call it a night.