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Thursday, January 22, 2004

no voy a llorar...

Like I stated before January has exhausted me up and down. Though I sensed this was coming from being around, Javi's departure from Lloyd Dobler Effect was official. This band is an awesome group of musicians and people. They were my 22nd birthday present, and Aurora and I immediately started and continued a friendship with all of them. I think the turning point in our relationship was on Feb 13 at the Millenium Music Conference 7 in Harrisburg...

[for a fulll account, hit up http://www.galileo358.blogspot.com/2003_02_16_galileo358_archive.html ]
Haha. Man, such a great great great weekend. We roll up to the Hilton (Kangol Black!) and as we are checking in the desk guy was trying to figure out where to put us. He glances over at the other desk guy and they ask if they should "put them in that wing" , so Aurora and I wondered. It was really great that when you sign up they ask you if you want to loud wings or the quiet wings. So because the desk guys were worried on who we would be next to, we exclaim to put us in the room in question. So we drag our things up to room 521. We go to get our vehicle valeted so I call all of our friends who were there what room we were in. I call up Phil and leave a message syaing we were in 521. He calls back a few minutes later saying that they were in 520!!! OH YEAH, one of the best weekends of 2003 and since the Hilton we have shared many adventures and long talks with these guys so its hard to see LDE become something different than what we have been familiar with.

But I totally understand that this is the time to either step it our or reevaluate. The band is investing a lot of time and money in with Gary Katz and this new recording t be fun and that its time to take it to the next level. And though we all like to drink and have fun and goof off, we must realize that to some, this is their lives and a job and can't always be fun and games. I have listened to the studio tracks in the works and they are awesome. I haven't really been fond of their other studio albums, I pride them in being a live band, but these new recordings make them shine and show their true talent. I am also excited to see Chris Bruno in the band. he used to be a part of Georgia Avenue, who I liked as well. But they need a bassist...any takers? Oh yeah, bassist...so recently after Javi announced his leaving, Rod did as well on the 19th. At least we all get to hang out this weekend :-). I swear....but no more band members leaving ok...? OK!?!??!

And the word loyalty has been tossed around...Loyal or not, this band is more than just a friendship, it is also a business and must find a way to work effeiciently and profitably. 2004 is the next level kids... And this isn't me just jumping on a soap boax now, read my previous entries about LDE and you will see that I have been having a lot more faith in where they are taking this lately.

Its also weird, and Aurora and I have discussed this, that Javi is checking himself in. We all enjoy the booze and hitting up the bottle on any given occasion and we have partied with Javi and lots of occassions. This is just the first time that we have known anyone around our age that is going through this. I'll share with you the Godinez sentiments...

"I want to clear up a few things for all the fans who have questions and I want all LDE fans and friends of mine to know the deal. I am no longer a member of LDE. I was asked to leave after several attempts by the band and myself to clean up my party-lifestyle. Don't think for a second that this decision is a load of crap and that it'sunjust to let me go from the band. The fact of the matter is that I have a drinking problem. I continue to fuel this problem. I'm just owning up to things. There were numerous times (at least 5-6) when the band sat together to discuss how I needed to improve certain things in my performance. Alcohol prevented me from seeing what I needed to do, and it is NO ONE ELSE'S responsibility to tell me how to do my job. That's the way life is, you have to take responsibility to better yourself as a person. I'm not blaming anyone or anything because the only person at fault is ME. I'm sorry if I have let you (The Fans) down, but I promise that I will completely clean up my act. Music is still my passion and I have been workin daily (first time in 4 years) on everything musical (violin, guitar, bass, singing, and composing) that will help me out in the long run. As of right now, I do have the ambition of coming back to LDE, but only time will tell. I'm about to join a 28-day in-patient program to quit alcohol and because of that, I don't know what my attitude towards life will be when I am released. I do know that I will be a successful musician in one way or another. For now, I just have to get my life together, something that I never really have taken the time to do. I hope that clears a lot of doubts, Lloyd-Heads. I definitely owe all of you who have supported us an explanation because you are an extension of the Lloyd Family. For now, just think of me as the drunken uncle who will come back a changed man. Keep supporting LDE. Lots of love to the fans, to my ex-band mates, and to anyone that has supported the band in one-way or another.




This is Rod talking to you, the fans. I would like to say thanks for all the great nights and the undying support and love you have shown for LDE. As Phil mentioned, I gave my two weeks notice on Monday, January 19th 2004 at 1:30 P.M. The past few months there have been changes made in the band and the sound has changed. This was all made to make the band sound full, but it also stirred the band in a different direction-- one that I can't relate to. This is not to say that LDE is a bad band or that they're not going places. To the contrary, I have 100% faith that LDE will be great and is going to accomplish great things in 2004 and beyond. As much as I would like to be a part of this success, fame and glory, I just didn't feel this was the way for me. Having struggled with this decision for over the past month, I finally decided to leave the band and do it my own way, rather than be a pain in the ass to the rest of the guys and be unhappy. Some day in the near future, I will see the guys of LDE at the Grammys-- that's a promise!! Until then, I wish LDE much success... and to the fans... you'll hear from me... soon... and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the great times, support, love, and most of all... thank you for your friendship. Oh, and please continue to support the rest of the guys in LDE, because they totally rock!!!
And from Phil...

It was Rod, LDE's bass player and my long-time friend. He walked into the room and told me that he can't play with the band anymore. Dazed and half asleep, I immediately woke up. I asked why and he said that he feels that he has to persue other interests and he feels that LDE is going in a direction that no longer involves him. I wished him the best and he was on his way.

Over the past couple of months, LDE has changed our sound somewhat. This is a direction that the rest of the band is eager to head in. We are very happy with the way our new recording is going as well as the way the new and final line up of LDE is shaping up. We are constantly thinking about our live show and being able to deliver the best to you, our incredible fans. However, we are also consistantly trying to recreate our music and write new music so that our live show is not the same every night of the week. We feel that this is very important to the band and the fans.

I know in my heart that in a month or two, LDE will be the best it has ever been. We will continue to give 200% at our performances and we will continue to evolve. The new CD, when it is completed, will be the best recording I have ever been lucky enough to be a part of. I feel blessed to have an amazing drummer (Donnie), a show-stopping percussionist (Rusty), a soulful and out-of-wack saxophonist (Doug) and an incredible guitarist/vocalist/songwriter (Chris) in my band. This LDE is the first time I have ever felt absolutly incredible on stage and I promise this will bloom into something 100x better than it is now.

The only thing that gets me is the "my band" instead of "our band"...I have the utmost respect and admiration for Phil and his talents, so undeniably he is going to shine, but still, there is no I in team...(but there is a me!)
So I don't know how to take that statement, but I still fully support the guys and LDE (and the Godinez brothers) in whatever may come