"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

rrrrrrrrrrrrr i'm a piorate!

I decided to let Melissa write this blog...because.....she already told her neighbors she was an alcoholic. I really do think we have problems. No, seriously. We are alcoholics. Its a freaking Tuesday nighT and so far, 2 bottles of wine gone....between the two of us.

We're watching American Idol and laughing at those stupid chumps. Oh but lets go back to her nasty neighbors. She opens the door with a beer in her hand and they say that drinking is always her excuse for not ever moving her car. and so she points to her beer and says DRINKY! After she slams the door on the rude woman's face, she claims that she is an alcoholic and we drink to that. At that time, it was only 7:30. We then drink to everytime someone does somehting stupid on American Idol....so yeah, we're pretty plastered because if you saw tonights show, you wold realize how untalented all these ass clowns are.

Oh yeah, rick was sleeping and he heard melissa yelling at her neighbors so he came downstairs awoken from his slumber to set them in place. we are still waiting for those cops to come that they treatened us with. So rick joined us in some merriment.

Melissa says i am a bad person cuz i make her do things that she would not normally do. i am a bad influence. the bad seed. i can't feel my toes. i went into melissa's work on wednesday before heading out to nyc with aurora and can't recall anyone, but apparently i made a strong enough impression that russell called aurora miranda. he called aurora by my name that should mean. yeah, melissa just mentioned that.

and melissa just admired my swift typing skills and how i have made minimal mistakes while typing inebriated. but then again when i IM people, every other word is misspelled because because because because because. Because of the wonderful things he does - do do do dodo.


HAHAHHA so two wednesday ago, we were over here - when melissa thought she could never drink again and we all emptied out her liquor cabininent - and melissa kept saying the word "drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuunk" and it was really funny and we still laugh.

and we just realize that we refer to people as their IM names as opposed to their real names.

So what's everyone doing for the superbowl - YEAHHAHHSHHASHASH PATRIOTS! "NO PANTHERS" says Melissa shrilly. We're going to have that jello wrestling tournament then too, since apparently we're on opposite sides now. Ohhh i can't feel my face. Oh, what else can we wrestle in? Sour cream dip? Salsa? Guacomole? It will be a nacho dip of sorts.

Rick has now come into the room/.. They are yelling at me. Someone help. THey are drunk and loud, and I fear for my safety...
that was rick, he just left to get a drink to deal with us.