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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

what the hell is this crap!?!?!?!?!

ARGH!!!!!! Now, I never did like Bush, but seriously...what has he been thinking lately?!?!?!? Yes, while our economy sucks and the job market isn't any better, lets have the nation spend an excrutiating amount on space travel and marriage. MARRIAGE!!! I could write for hours on this, but I only have a few minutes. But seriously. Ok, for example, there could be plenty of healthy GAY marriages that would provide a loving household for children, but no, Bush won't allow that. But he will shovel out millions trying to mend broken unhealthy heterosexual marriages. Some people aren't meant to be married to one another, some people make mistakes, and some people just aren't capable of being in a healthy relationship. But no, lets try to make those work instead of supporting the ones that do. I swear, forget getting out of DE, get me out of the US.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bush administration officials are planning a $1.5 billion election-year initiative to promote marriage, especially among low-income couples, the New York Times reported on Wednesday.

Administration officials have worked with conservative groups for months on the proposal, the paper said, and are weighing whether President Bush should promote the plan next week in his State of the Union address.

The plan would provide at least $1.5 billion for training to help couples develop interpersonal skills that sustain "healthy marriages," the paper said.

According to the Times, the officials said they believed the measure was timely because they were facing pressure from conservatives eager to see the federal government defend traditional marriage, after the highest court in Massachusetts ruled in November that gay couples had a right to marry.