"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, January 19, 2004

new york university rally time

Alright kids, it's go time. The NYU application will be dropped in the mail tomorrow. Eeeeek!

I wanted to get it in a lot sooner than this - it is due Feb 1, but I am picking up my last recommendation tomorrow. I had to get two recommendations, but opted for three because its a strong number - the strongest most complete number since a plane will fit on any three points in space. Actually, that is another reason I am dropping off my application tomorrow, because it is Jan 20, which is a three day. One plus two plus zero, years don't count. And 21 days of every month is a celebration and though I opted to have my package postmarked on the 21st, I figure I will have it postmarked on the three day, and en route on the 21 day. Double the luck. But yeah, so I chose 3. Hopefully NYU will dig them. I got Steve to do one as a band rec, the station manager of WVUD, and Chris because she has known all of my work with STN and has seen the transformation of my show. So hopefully that will encompass it all.

Tweaking my personal statement now. Its not how I want it, but its all I can fit into three pages. Again, the magic number is three. I feel as though grad school is my only option right now. I've spent the last seven months applying to jobs to no avail. And its not like I am not qualified, in either the music realm or what I actually went to college for (double majored in mass communication (the media aspect) and political science) and there are just no jobs. And granted I love every day, I just can't keep doing what I do because I am broke. Flat ass broke.

I looked into grad school a few months ago due to my desparity and while searching for close schools and looking into the business or political aspect, it dawned on me that i should study something i want to do, not what is available. So there are a few schools in the US that offer a post grad degree in music business and i narrowed it down to TN and NYU. No way in hell I am going to TN, and I find every excuse to go into NYC, so NYU is going to be getting my only grad school application. So I am really nervous because it is really tough to get in. Extremely tough. Super duper freaking hard as hell tough to get in. But what do I have to lose, right?

If I do get in, I am going, no matter what. I am fortunate enough to not have any college loans due to scholarships that equated more than a full ride. So why not go into deeper debt? At least I will have another piece of paper to show for it. Haha, I have no idea where my degree is. I do know where my graduation cap is. Karen, Natalie, and I decorated them the night before graduation with strings of wired stars and puffy glitter paints. Mine said "tempted...fated...looks like we finally made it..." And of course it was a Pat McGee Band quote. Time will tell.

So I am sitting here with my Wawa coffee - geez, it feels like college again - I am writing and finishing this essay until the wee hours of the morning. And by the way, the Wawa has been incident free for 5 days.

Chris made my stereo work finally, hmmm...not supposed to jam the wires in...? So now I can listen to CDs in my room. The following discs are currently playing and will follow me till the end of the writing:
Ryan Adams - Rock N Roll (i love this disc almost more than my roos)
Jeff Buckley - Live at Sin-e' (disc 1)
Green to Think - The Miranda Sessions (rock on)