"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, January 17, 2004

dancing on a friday night - oh yeah!

Radio show went well. Spent half of it talking to Chris M. (looks I need to start putting clarifiers since oddly enough in the past few months I have met 5067 chris's) and Maryellen via emails as they helped me pick my setlist and the other half juggling the million callers that called the station. And Maryellen called from NYC, so that was awesome, WVUD needs to be aired on our holds now haha.

Chris L. came down to the station to play some recorded live tracks and talk on air. Madanant doesn't do his show anymore, so I have some openess after my show to play around with. So we played some tunes and informed the listeners what's going on in the Marlon Spike world. Chris aptly named the hour "Marlon Spike Radio" and did my legal stuff with flying colors. It was hilarious. I forgot I had traffic, so it was an interesting segway after Gary told us about the snarl on Casho Mill Road, that I asked Chris about the roadways going to the Grape. And problems on Casho Mill!? Smallest road in Newark? Chris was all organized with his list as I was the usual disheveledness. But we crossed off everything on his check list, including talking about my mother on air. And Clay Aiken and his mentoness. But yeah, a fun, random, crazy time on air as we pirated WVUD.

Chris dropped me off at home and I hit up the store before heading to my place so I could talk to Charise. I love Charise because she knows all about my craziness and we'll talk about one thing which will lead to eight others. In the midst of four different stories, my phone rings, and though I expected it to be the customary call from my mom after my radio show, it was Phil. Phil! One of my favorite people ever, and I haven't spoken with him since Dec 6. So he's all excited and I run outside and I have no idea what the point of the phone call was, but we chatted and he introduced me to Chris, the newest member of LDE, and I spoke with him for a while, then back to Phil. Phil said something that we should all get drunk and be crazy and then I said we'll run through the streets with our clothes off. Yeah, I said this outside my store loud and a few people turned their heads. I wasn't serious!

I picked up Melissa and she feared for her life before we even picked up dinner. I got in the wrong lane and I didn't appreciate her screaming for her dear life as I cut across the other lanes in front of fastly approching cars. And my u-turn rocked as I burned rubber. I swear the girls knuckles were white, but it was fun :-). Hit up Wawa for subs and the Newark Wawa is still incident free for 69 days.

We ate and watched the Newlyweds marathon before Tanya came over. Melissa also was brave enough to go into my fridge and found eggs that I have had in there since August growing fur. Maryellen called me and it was almost as great as Phil's call. She was a bit tipsy in NYC and we talked about boys and being gutsy and how we really are good people haha. I meant to call her at some point in the night, but the evening flew by, so perhaps a phone call tonight...

Tanya came over and we plotted - hehe sounds devious - and started drinking. Rick, Chris, Dan, Matt, Jess, and Derek came over to find us pretty much almost hammered. Tanya had to be up super early to teach, but that didn't stop her. Having fun and losing ones self takes priority over responsibility. Chris started hardcore and owned the raspberry vodka, downing quite a few shots before we all headed out to Continental. We decided that bringing the cranberry vodka bottle with us was a good idea.

Hung out at Continental for a while, which is incidently Derek's old apartment. The complex reminded me of the time that Derek terrorized someone from his window and feared for his life. I forgot that I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, but it was over 2 years ago, so all is fair. Feels weird that Derek and I trade off old college stories from back in the day. Derek mentioned that he was moving to NYC in May which snowballed into talking about the music scene here and there. And how we try to kid ourselves that there is a semblance of a scene here in Delaware, but we are all pretty much the scene. And when we all relocate to NYC, there will be no scene - haha. Sorry, Delaware.

Rick knew someone at the party and turns up the kid worked for him, so he felt weird. With a school with over 18,000 people, you'd be surprised how small it really is. So unfortunately Rick and Melissa left a little early. Tanya and I team up for some beer pong against Dan and Matt and were doing pretty well, I thank Tanya's song and dance. But of course they get the same cup which means automatic defeat for Tanya and me.

I think some guy was being a jerk, so we left, but not before Dan stole a beer for him and me for the walk home. We leave and drink for the trek back to my place then busted out the vodka bottle and each of us hit that up while walking on Main Street. What is wrong with us?!?!

Get back to my place and Chris works his iPod magic and we make concotions in the kitchen. For some reason we found it necessary to badly sing Biz Markie while it wasn't playing and only the chorus. The PB & J was busted out as was chains of drinking. Tanya caught all of this on film, so they will be on my site shortly. Tanya had a vodka bottle with her the whole time and kept misplacing it. Matt gave us an entertaining rendition of Ben Jelen's song as we watched the music video. Dan was calmly standing around and his drink exploded on him and Jess. Around 4:30 everyone left except for Aurora.

We were both plastered and a bit afraid to sleep because we may die if we close our eyes by spinning around too much. So we stay up and talk about the paths our lives have taken in the past few months and whose we have intertwined with and realize that lifes been good.

Pass out around 6ish and wake up around noon for work. We can barely function and decide that going to the bagel shop is the best thing to start our days. We couldn't even bear to hear the word "drink". I think our bodies are like sponges and they just couldn't absorb anything more.

There ends my Friday's festivities. And as soon as I get out of work - which is hopefully soon...Aurora and I will be jetting down to Baltimore to see LDE. I'm looking out the window and the snow is quickly falling, but that is just an added adventure. I think we are more excited to hng out with them since its been way too long, than we are about actually seeing the show. But their new stuff is so damn good. And of course, its a different lineup than the last time. Goodbye Javi and hello Chris. You know you are way too involved when some changes bring sorrow...

But hey, Phil tells everyone we are around I am his tour manager and he called me up so I could meet and talk to Chris, and they are all so excited for tonight. Phil knows we are leaving as soon as I get off of work, so he said they won't play until I get there. So we must a cause a scene when we get to the funk box.

Ok, my boredom has allowed me to write enough, so I am outta here. More adventures tomorrow.