"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, January 15, 2004

"many people rearranging what their plans are for the night time"


Aurora and I got the hell out of Delaware and went to NYC for the evening for the usual night of adventures and wonderment.

"Dream on, dream on as I may
I get a little closer every day
To what I think it should be.
I drive a little bit further, further
A little further down the road." RB

We headed to the Village to catch Ryan Montbleau opening up for the guys of Little Feat at the Lion's Den. So of course we went early to see what we see. Caught up on our craziness on 95 while the sounds of Ryan M, Graham Colton, Akiva, Phantom Planet, Ryan Adams, and Tyler Hilton serenaded us. The Swifts were on road in fleets and we decided that double blue swifts count double, so all in all we saw 31 on the way up...i think. We decided to just drive into the city instead of hoboken and oddly enough we found a free parking spot right in front of the venue. we rule.

A lady walking her dog stopped me as we were hanging out outside and informed me that I left my interior light on. So nice, it would not have been cool to come back to a dead battery. Again, I stand by my sentiments that NYC is the most empathetic city, though people beleive the opposite. Perhaps because mostly everyone there are strangers and personal ties don't interfere with good will.

We walk over to Burrito Loco, which is now becoming an NYC tradition, for dinner and to talk about porn. We are staring at three porn shops while eating, of course it was bound to come up. Afterwards we walked into a store where Aurora bought a hat because it was cold and I did my customary jewelry purchase. I found this awesome handmade chunky ring made with raw green garnet. Rock on, none like it anywhere ever. Came outside and it was snowing. So damn beautiful. Huge flakes careening down dusting the city. The lights and the sidewalks sparkled and we slid our way back to Sullivan. Overheard two guys singing "winter wonderland" and it really was. Walked around some more and found ourselves in a record shop doing what we do best. Warmed up in a car for a bit listening to music then went inside the Lions Den. Cute venue, smaller than I expected but good atmosphere. Wasn't really that crowded so we found a table and sat next to two other girls who were also there to see the opening act. We talked to them a little bit...Krista from Queens, and I didn't catch the other girls name...but she was like the NYC version of us, liking the same music and discovering new artists, so that was fun. Ryan came on and played an awesome set list, which I wrote down on a piece of paper with other ramblings of that day, but I left it in my car, so look for the setlist on my site later. There was an older taper there - presumably for Little Feat - who grooved out. It was hilarious. I took notice of "brown jacket boy" and towards the end of the set he and his friend came over to us and we met new people, new people who run a venue in NY. Again, we rule.

Ryan's voice is abolsutely amazing and I am sure you are sick of me ranting and raving over this kid, but its all true. He broke two strings while playing and since he wanted to be a cool rockstar jumping from cab to cab in NYC, he only brought one guitar. So as he is restringing with his eyes closed, he sings a little Paul Simon, then his intro song to his cd - City. Captivating. He also played Perfect, which is absolutely beautiful. So funny, I was describing the song to a friend of mine, "it's like 'hi ryan, tear my heart out'". Yup, that's it. And our concertmate Krista said the same exact thing. Aurora and I share the sentiments that this song is John Mayer's Comfortable.

We leave the venue after Ryan played and were greated by a blanket of snow everywhere. It was incredible. Hehe, we get off on the excitement of driving home with an added adventure. While Aurora smoked, I talked on the phone with Steve as he warned me to be careful and not to get lost and not to call him at 4am. We made our own tracks through the city and found our way out.

We decided to stop in Hoboken before hitting the Turnpike because though Dunkin Donuts coffee isn't better than Wawa coffee, it is better than random NJ rest stop coffee. I couldn't find a spot to park in, so I made my own in front of a fire hydrant. We get our goods at DD and while on the phone with my mom, I exclaim "oh shit, there's a cop with his lights on heading to my car!" and drop the phone in my bag. So I pass off my latte to Aurora and start running to my car. And by running, I mean jogging very carefully on the ice while trying not to fall down, blind myself with the falling snow, or careening into any of the passengers who just got off the PATH and were obstructing my route to my car. The cop pulled next to my car, but never stopped and I quickly made a scene by trying to not set off my alarm and not run into my car from skidding on the ice. Nice. Poor Aurora was left in the cold trying to hold onto everything w hile dodging the passengers as well. Oh well, no ticket.

So we head out for an exhilerating ride home. Yeah. As we were heading up to NYC, Aurora mentioned the sound of my brakes. I informed her that there are two things we will not bring up regarding my vehicle, first being my squeaky brakes, the second being the fact that I should have changed my oil 2,000 miles ago. The plows weren't out yet, so I scoot-scooted my Cabrio along the Turnpike going about 30 miles an hour while slipping and sliding all over the damn place. What was usually a three lane highway turned into a free for all, as was determined by the amount of cars that had run into the barriers. Woohoo!! So Aurora and I talked random stories while my knuckles were white from trying to keep my car from spinning out during the 135 mile endeavor. Hydroplaning, and swerving, and playing on the ice is fun throughout New Jersey. Finally I gained some control and composure and hit it up to 5th gear and 60 miles an hour and just owned the road for the trek back. I wouldn't have been so hesistent before if there wenre't that many cars on the road. Once the cars all disappeared, the road was ours. Tyler Hilton's Rollin' Home and Swifts were great great company.

And I have a fear of driving over bridges, yeah doing it on ice with no plowing of the roads was great. We got to DE and realized that DE lost in the snow storm, they barely got anything. Losers. We drove right through it and got the most out of it.

Rock on.