"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, January 16, 2004

an uncertain chain of mistragedies

I will not start this blog off with what I want to say. In fact, I may not even address it on here.

But after work, I went to the bar. I needed to get out, so the girls - Aurora, Tanya, Melissa, & Karen - went to the East End for beverages and appetizers. Chris, Dan, and Jen met up with us shortly afterwards as we plotted against our sucky waitress, repeated statements, embarrassing stories, and contemplated on the superpowers of Wayne.

The funniest part of the evening has to be while we were all consuming our beers and premium malts, Chris ordered a Long Island Ice Tea, which is one tasty beverage and perfectly acceptable in the mixed drinks realm. But instead of a normal LI Ice Tea in a normal glass, it was served with more fruit garnishes than neccessary and in a slim girly glass. Moreover, it did not taste how a LI Ice Tea should taste. It was a bit scary and threw the whole semblance of the table off.

Karen and Melissa left so we went to Wawa. I don't know who's idea it was to go to Wawa, (jen's...?) but I don't think we needed to go, but of course Wawa is always a perfect stop. On the way we tried to guess how many days since that Wawa was incident free. Last Saturday (jan 9), the Wawa had been incident free for 16 days. HOW HOW HOW is the Wawa now incident free for 69 days!??!?! It was only 6 days ago!!!!!

Back to the apartment where we drank and listened to some of the MS SPF VII recording. Aurora and Jen pirated my computer, so hopefully no one got any weird IMs, but at least Aurora's living situation next year may be solved. Chris made my speakers work, so after being stereo-less for four months, I can now listen to CDs on a normal system.

Yeah, and I forgot that I have a radio show to do today, so I tired to plan it in the 15 minutes I had before work. Don't blame me if it sucks, blame my course of events yesterday.