"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, January 22, 2004

"you can be a bright star..."


Earlier today I realized what the date was and I can't believe we are only three weeks into the new year and how amazingly tumultuous January has become. I don't mean that in the positive or the negative, perhaps a bit of both but it has come to the point where I am frightened to sleep at night because I don't know what the day brings. So much has happened recently, with myself and my relations with people around me and just turn of events, which I am really excited for, but seriously, give me a break once in a while!! I started off the streak by being completely honest and ballsy from the new year till now I strengthened relationships, travelled, made life altering decisions, had familiarity crumble before me, and realized I am stronger than I thought possible, but weaker than ever...

Onto my days events...

Started the day off with an early morning horseback ride and it was freaking cold. I swear I thought I was going to lose my apendages because it was so damn cold. Came back and went straight to the radio station...
Chris R. has a radio show pertaining to local arts stuff and had me on as a guest today regarding the local rock scene. So of course I plugged Ike, Omnisoul, and Marlon Spike and we played their songs and talked about their shows and just the local rock atmosphere around here. We had callers, it flew by and was enjoyable. Afterwards I worked with Dave on some music production in protools and it was saucy.

I come back to my apartment with some unsettling Lloyd Dobler Effect news. I will touch on this whole subject in tomorrows blog (regarding the LDE changes) but can touch on it now. Rod, the bassist, announced he was leaving the band. This transcends so much beyond the music. Come on, who is going to bring us warm PBR outside the Grape?! No, but seriously, I welcome change and I understand it, but it still doesn't make it easier to say goodbye. Not after all the craziness that has been endured with the Godinez brothers. And after talking with Phil on several occasions, I am still fully behind LDE and its alterations, it is just the instability of somethng so familiar that is upsetting, but will be brought up in another blog... So yeah, didn't expect that...this isn't cool right before the Japan & New England tour!! They'll be in DE this weekend, so now the party is really going down.

Spent the afternoon talking with Maryellen and Chris M. via email while they procrastinated at work ;-). I'm glad there are others as insanely connected to their computer as I am. Makes me feel better about my addiction. While talking with them, I realize that I think I definitely have a ghost of some sort in here. When I first moved it I would feel a presence and see a smoke haze, but not a definite figure. And today the smokey haze was chilling in my plant. I felt a sense of calmness, so I feel OK. But now I guess I shouldn't dance around my room naked. Just kidding folks...

My internet died so I went to the store to say hi to Chris C. and to get my mail. As I am laughing at my insanely high credit card bill (i have come to the realization that i will always be in debt and will always have to pay a bill of some sort, so why the hell not just spend away) Chris informs me that we were burglarized again. As he is breaking the news to me, Rusty from LDE is calling me. I CAN'T TAKE THIS!!!! So I am laughing my ass off because there is just simply nothing much more to do. I look at Chris and apologize, and start laughing again. Hell, if you can't explain it and you're a rain cloud, the least you can do is laugh. Why why why why, these is all so boggling because it doesn't make sense - nothing fits. I seriously feel like a target, and I am not just talking about the robbery...I am just way on edge on a few things that can't even be mentioned on here. And the fact that I can't mention them on here says a lot...but I think I can honestly say that I haven't ever been more fearful.

Tanya, Joe, Chris L. (yes, that is four Chris's mentioned in one blog, I oughta through another one in for fun), Dan, Todd, Sark, & I went to McGlynn's for some merriment before the Omnisoul show. Poor Casey Kasem was left defenseless against the ridicule against him. For God's sake, his hair looks like steel wool. Maryellen made me laugh at the table because she texted me about a Damien Rice song being on a TV show. We are such dorks I love it. It reminded me of the time that Nate called me from Cali to have me listen to a song that was playing in the pool hall. We left there without Todd and Sark and with Ben and headed to Kahuna. Met up with Aurora, David, Cooksy, and crew and hung out. Great show by the guys as they played some new stuff, but the sound wasn't as good as other venues, but the effect was still there. And Jamie wails on Bohemian Rhapsody. Aurora and I screamed way loud and were annoying. Oh well. Chris had on saucy cashmere socks that were fuzzy. I'll write more on the show under the show review section.

Ever feel like you thought you knew someone, and then they completely change due to the people they are around? Yeah me too, thanks.

Chris Bruno....um....welcome to LDE and brace yourself for Friday...I just wanted to throw another Chris in there for five.

Goodnight all, wonder what tomorrow will bring.