"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, January 25, 2004

"if life is a carnival can i stay here for a while...?"

After partying late and sleeping not enough, Aurora and I were groggy beginning our Friday. At our customary Wawa stop for coffee - our stomachs DID NOT want anything else in it, but we needed the caffeine to actually function - we ponder why this is our lives. We wonder what it would be like to have 9-5pm jobs, come home to eat dinner, then watch TV till ten. Then we laugh and smile because we're too tired and sick to formulate words.

On of the many good things about the drive to Philly is that the trip is short enough that we can just play our favorite tracks on the CD player. I don't think we said anything on the way there because any sort of movement beyond my VERY safe and careful driving may make us throw up. We get to the parking lot and head off in the cold to South Street.

After our disappointing stop at Guacomole, I call Maryellen to see where she is. Oddly enough, Lisa and she were parking their car right in front of us. We go to meet Chris in front of the TLA and run into him at a different intersection. Convenient. We grab dinner at Copabanana and hit the used CD store because it was way too frigid to be walking outside.

Phantom Planet was playing an in-store at Tower, and I thought it was the South Street Tower. I was wrong. But that's ok because we spent that hour at the listening booths and Maryellen smartly bought Elefant and Earlimart. We ducked into Manny Browns for happy hour to talk and pass the time and Chris and Maryellen owned the jukebox.

Aurora and I headed out to the TLA because I am a big dork and want to be up close for Johnathan Rice and Starsailor, woohoo! Johnathan was great. I heard his EP at the radio station a few months ago, but hadn't had the opportunity to see him live yet. Such an awesome lyricist. I highly recommend him. There was cute beanie man to our left and overbearing big guy that kept inching over to Aurora and stupid PDA couple who kept touching me to the left of me. I wondered if people look at us and says "whoa, check out those scarf girls" and spy on us the whole night. After the longest break ever between sets - where Morita, Aurora, and I complained very loudly and obnoxiously - Starsailor finally came on. I almost forgot how awesome they are. So incredibly great. Their live show is phenomal. If you couldn't tell by my lack of words, I was nearly speechless. Their new material was fantastic. Unfortunately, Aurora and I had to head out of the show a little early to meet up with LDE in Delaware. So here we are contemplating on when we should actually leave, the whole time having James stare at us for most of the freaking show bypassing the girls in front of us. Maybe he could read lips I don't know. So here we are saying, ok, one more song, we'll leave after one more song. Then James says for the crowd to sing, stares at Aurora and I and puts the mic to us.
I was born again I was born again
Not into the world they put me in
She was born again she was born again
Not into the world they put her in

"What a f-ing kick in the balls" says Aurora. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Why are we us? Why do we have to make the choice on leaving one show to meet up with other band friends. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

Also, why does it start snowing anytime we drive home from a major city? New York City last Wednesday, Baltimore on Friday, and now Philly. WTF. I think we curse the weather gods and they spite us by making it heavily snow during our travels.

We search for a Wawa in Wilmington, A+ just doesn't cut it, and meet the LDE boys outside of the Logan House, where we proceeded to play Graham Colton very loudly and though snowballs and write things on their van in the snow. Help them load up the van and shoot the breeze whole Phil informs me of all the area bands that broke up recently. We drove back to Newark going 30 MPH in the snow awaiting the guy driven van and trailor to actually catch up.

Some of us laugh, some us cry
Some of us smoke, some of us lie
But it's all just a way that we cope with our lives
~ starsailor