"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, January 23, 2004

"i love going back to mirandas for the after party" -j

ahhh yes, I am so loving these days.

I don't have work until Saturday night, live it up. Yeah so tonights work day was fun, and ny fun i mean not fun. Screw it, i am not talking about work on here.

So after work, I call Aurora and she comes over and we make drinks. Woo. And we talk on how some people have the audacity to be jackasses. Yeah. Then Krabill comes over and we head to Shawn's. Shawn looks like a Tyler, so he is now named Tyler. So we drink up there on Continental. Survivor Flip Cup went underway and Derek held on his own and totally won. ON HIS OWN. We schooled Jamie in some rap and then Matty Ry came in. Ha....an STN wanderer at the Omnisoul party! So then the keg turned out to be vinegar, no seriously, it was. And we were scared that Derek may die, so we all leave to come back here.

Aurora, Jamie, Derek, Karbill, Matty Ry, and I all watched boobs on MTV when Derek wanted to go across the street and get a sandwich. So we took a picture as he sprinted the ten feet. He got there and realized he didn't have any money so he yelled into my window from the DD on where the ATM was. It was rigth behind him. Aurora said that the DD people prolly told him the sandwich was $25 since they saw how plastered he was. It was awesome. Come back here and play with pictures and watch tv and drink. Derek told me that he emailed Phil (LDE) this morning and I told him that they were playing in DE tomorrow night. What a silly small world. I hope those two hook up.

So yeah we just watched some sports center and i am really tired. Damn it is frigid outside. At least Jamie and Krabill drove. Ok, sleep time.

TOMORROW!!! I so need a Friday. Tomorrow I am ditching out of work and heading up to Philly with Aurora. We are meeting up with Maryellen and Chris M. Hitting up some shops (Guacolmole!), then food, the PHANTOM PLANET at and instore on South Street THEN Jonathon Rice and Starsailor at TLA , THEN stopping by the Logan House...THEN initiating the guy into the LDE family and introducing the Omnisoul guys to the LDE crew and whoever else may be up and functioning in the wee hours of the morning. Geez tomorrow is going to RULE.