"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, February 15, 2004

thursday night at the ground floor

Marlon Spike took the stage at the Ground Floor on Thursday night, which only means one thing...

The girls (Aurora, Tanya, Marissa, Amanda, Meg, Katherine, and myself) hung out in the apartment before going to the show. We caught up and talked and drank and were giddy. We weren't drunk, just excited, its been way too long and I don't think any one of us were ever quiet before leaving.

Best drink of the moment: Stoli Strasberi (sp), lemonade, & 7-UP.

We arrived a little into our set and immediately we said we had to stand in our usual spot, which was just funny in itself since we only go to the Ground Floor if Marlon Spike is playing. And I feel bad since most of their set was spent with the girls talking amongst ourselves. But we did dig what we heard and saw! Aurora and I had a bet on Chris' outfit, and we lost. On both accounts, down to the socks ;-). We all were just being crazy. Had an interesting conversation with Anthony and Tanya and I craftily avoided creepy Dave. Oliver, Elise, and Nick were present at the GF and I remember talking to Nick about something...or other....yeah, but he didn't go on stage. Oh, during that conversation, MS played a cover - was it Tears for Fears...? I cannot recall.

As soon as MS ended, the GF turned into a hooched out dance party. Dude, it was like 3 degrees outside and all of a sudden underage girlies in tank tops appeared out of the woodwork. None of us are ever like that, so of course we had to be obnoxious to the line of freezing cold girls waiting in line with their F--- Me Boots and mini skirts.

So we laughed all the way to Peace of Pizza where getting two pizzas sounded like the best idea ever at 11:30 pm. We bothered the pizza boys and entertained them with our antics and they hooked us up. Nice. Dan met us on my porch as we walked back to my place to eat and drink. My place was way to bright so Dan and I played with lightbulbs and electricity and that was not the best idea. We both ended up getting the shit shocked out of us and burning some bulbs.

The kitchen was loud and giddy as we talked about Dewey, drinking, nakedness, and the upcoming weekend and beyond. Everyone left shortly after and Chris and I played on the computer and I think Sting was still playing. Yay for iPods. Shortly after, Aurora and Jackman came back over. We're all on the futon and Chris passes out in usual fashion as Jackman makes fun of Aurora.

Jackman's friend is putting on a show in which U2 is headlining and if you have read previous blogs, you will know that Aurora is infatuated with Bono. So of course Jackman said that she can meet him, and of course he is hanging this over her head. Aurora said something mean and Jackman informed her that "this is not the way to meet Bono." Hilarious.

Throughout the night, Aurora and I had an agreement. And we would either fulfill it, or bust. Well, I did not fulfill my end, and she did. OR BUST! :-)