"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, February 13, 2004

some down time

Benji from Marwood and Dina came down from New York City to join me on air last Friday and it was highly entertaining. Benji fronts the rock band Marwood and came down with his acoustic to play some tunes, talk on air, and pick my playlist. He is very intriguing to talk to, has led such an interesting life. He started out as a roadie fro Genesis, Phil Collins, and Def Leopard in Europe when he was nine and left school at 16 to persue music by busking in the subways. He moved to upstate NY, then the city, and Marwood was born. In a nutshell. We took some crazy pictures and it was enjoyable. Robbie, from Marwood, also called in while he was working at his coffeeshop. I could hear him make stuff in the background and it was great. He made an espresso on air and I swear Dina was in the hallway on the ground from laughter. Good times.

Around midnight, Tanya and I headed over Chris's to join him and Dan hanging out. Talked for a bit then decided that a season of Family Guy had to be watched, and I admitted I haven't seen an episode. What was I missing?! Of course not too far into it, Chris fell asleep then we all drifted off by 5 am. Mind you I haven't slept a substantial amount in days, so any place I can garner some Zs was enjoyable. Even contorted on a loveseat. I kept waking up every hour adjusting my spine and trying not to push Chris off. I found that if I made myself into a little ball I conserved heat and my spine was straight, though feeling was lost in some apendages. Spine is a funny word, and you kinda forget its there until its in a weird position. Spine spine spine spine spine. So Tanya and I had to be back in Newark by noonish for her test and my work, and surprisingly she got up in time. So we grab our things and were about to head upstairs and out the door and onwards to Newark until we heard activity from the first floor. We both don't know his family that well, though we have both met them, and emerging from the basement at 11 am in front of his family on a Saturday morning just seemed odd at the time. So we're standing at the base of the stairs going over the game plan and his dad opens the door and just sees us standing there. So damn funny now, but we were in shock then and couldn't really speak except for "Hi! I'm Tanya!" "Hi! I'm Miranda!". We informed him that we were leaving and he asked if Chris knew so one of us, can't remember who, or maybe both of us, said that he was still sleeping so we didn't want to wake him. Which just sounded weird saying that to Mr. LoPresto at 11 am as we were leaving. We're in my car laughing at the situation and everything is funny on a few hours of sleep.