"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, February 12, 2004

"days will turn into nights, nights will turn into days, weeks, seasons, and years."

Ok Go & Spiraling at the Northstar (Wed Feb 4) - woohoo!!

Miss Dina hooked me up with a guestlist spot and the show totally rocked. I absolutely love the Northstar. And seeing one of my favorite bands (OK Go) at one of my favorite venues is sure to make a girl smile.

I get to the venue and meet up with Dina and James, who I actually knew in college - he was writing an article on the show. Sprialing opened the show and I was immediately impressed with their musicianship. Songs that stuck out the most were "Lightning Twice" and a new song with the word "Radio" in the title. I was able to snap some pictures, seeing how I was towering over the 15 year old girlies, and they will be on the site soon.

Between sets, I was bored and it was too loud to call anyone and everyone I knew there was working the show, so I pull out my phone and text message. Of course Maryellen was privileged enough to get the girlie side of the show, and I mass text messaged everyone i knew who either wanted to go to the show, or who was going to go to an upcoming OK Go show. I had seen the setlist prior to the show, so i texted the setlist as well. More on this later.

OK Go was awesome. Aweome. Such a great live band. I love their CD, and their performance just takes it to another level. I have only seen OK Go once before, last spring at the Blue Star in Lancaster, PA with Melissa and Rick and Steve and Ken. The setlist is on my site, so you can go there. They debuted a lot of new songs, which were really decent. I'll say which ones I like during the Hoboken review. Damian was absolutely nuts on stage. Though Tim does add an interesting factor, his mic was up way too much for half the show. Damian shared with the audience how Jorge hates Philadelphia because his cat ate the paraffin infested cheese on a Philly cheesesteak and nearly died. It was heartwarming. they played their unreleased Train song. No encore. Talked to Dina and Spiraling after the show in the green room, and Dina introduced me to the OK Go guys. I think I nearly peed myself when Damian and I started talking about his new album and what I thought and whatnot. We all agree, except for the band, that the Train song should be on the new album. They said no. I told Tim it should be a b side on vinyl, and that may happen. haha, so if it happens, I take full credit. I will even autograph it for you.

I think I have lost all dignity on the GTT messageboard. The next day Steve informs all about my obscure text messages and says that I am borderline. I am taking borderline as being "borderline badass to the max" and not "borderline i think i'm going to lose my mind" as he said before, but he may have been sleepy, hence the wrong meaning of "borderline" being uttered.