"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, February 13, 2004

"she walks through life not knowing just where to begin"

I was at the record store all day after I came home, but was able to escape for a rock show. Marlon Spike playing at the Logan House.

I picked up Jamie and Tanya and we hit the road once again. On the way we were talking about crowd antics at shows, including the ever present display of air guitar. We ponder if this would happen at a Marlon Spike show, especially because they don't have a guitarist.

This show was the debut of their saucy new shirts and were smartly displayed on their new merch board. Nice. Jamie became the merch bitch. :-) Maryellen and I text each other prior to the show, as we often do, then my mom called so the only place I could actually hear was the bathroom. In there I ran into some girls from high school, who remembered me but I forgot their names or even who they really were. I hope that wasn't snotty of me. Oh well.

As Marlon Spike was playing, Tanya and I took our shots and beverages to the front to yell like silly girls and dance like even sillier girls. Todd couldn't make the gig, but the band was still on it. They sounded great and I have to give it second place in the "best Marlon Spike shows I have seen." And yes, the air guitar came out, but I don't think anyone was laughing harder then Jamie, Tanya, and me due to our previous conversation. Two guys went absolutely nuts in their crazy dancing towards the end of the set and it was phenomenal. Took some decent pictures and they will be up soon.

Went to Gallucio's for some drinks after, then drove to the diner. One of Dan's friends was supposed to come out, so we found it necessary to call him mulitple times from all of our cells phones at 2:30 in the morning. I think it was the first time I ever uttered the word "douchebag" and to a complete stranger. The best was sober Jamie who left a mesage saying that he didn't know him, but if he did, he'd kick his ass. He said it fiercely and it was hilarious since Jamie is one of the nicest guys ever. We then called Derek, who actually picked up his phone and was literally running from the bar to a party. He said he had to go because he had another call coming through, which was Chris, and I think Dan and Jamie left messages during that ordeal. Again, I guess this is only funny if you were there drunk at the diner at 2:30 am with cell phones. Somehow the conversation changed to Tanya's communist tendencies. I recollect us talking about her being English, though with a Russian name, so maybe that is wear it originated, but she had on a red shirt and a red jacket, so that just proved she is a commie. :-)

I drop off Dan at his car and we both raced each other on the streets of Wilmington, though we were blasting OK Go instead of singing loudly and off-key to Brand New. I was messing with him on 95 by going 30 mph in front of him and blocking his exit, but he got off and beat us home somehow. As we were heading towards our own exit, we saw smoke and passed a car engulfed in flames. Freaky.