"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, February 26, 2004

hump day at kahuna

Wednesday nights in tropical talk means Kahuna. The club brings in original local music on Wednesdays and tonight John Faye and Marlon Spike rocked Wilmington.

After another excrutiatingly long day at work, Marissa, Aurora, and I went to the show. We have all been so busy the past few weeks so it was great to just chill and hang out. There werent that many people in attendance at the club, but it worked out for us since we just walked in without having to pay. Met up with Chris, Dan, and Todd and John waved to us from the stage. We found a table and some nachos and were set for the night. John played a solo acoustic set with some IKE songs and a lot of new songs. Setlist is on the site, or will be soon - depending on when you read this. He played Welcome Home, the anthem of the Center Stage girls, and of course we sang along. Aurora and I shouted during Deathbed, during which John said my name during the song while I was talking, but Aurora saved me and we carried out the end of the song. Ended with Pyramid and it was great.

Chatted with John and Jim after the show then Chris gave me a full blown tutorial on how to use his camera, then started the show under pretty lights and tv screen. Soon after they started playing, Marissa, Aurora, and I had a dire need to regroup in the bathroom. Come back out and I make full use of Chris's camera, though digitals sometimes bother me in regards to live events because the moment you meant to capture is usually not the one that saves. We'll see how the turn out. After bothering everyone at Kahuna with the flash, I join the table. We end up laughing and talking most of the time, so hopefully we weren't too much of a distraction. Dan had his wireless bass and spun. I even drew a picture of it in my book. Among other pictures. Then I stabbed a picture with my pen.

Sark did something wrong and said "I fucking messed that up! Damn! I gave up cussing and I already messed that up too! Shit!"

Our waitress gave us Mardi Gras beads so Aurora said to the guys, but only loud enough for us to hear, "show us your tits"! In which Chris said soon after, "did you see that, Aurora". Which was odd because they both weren't addressing the same thing.

They ended around 11:45, we said good bye to everyone then headed out. While the car was warming up, we cleaned up the inside a little bit since Aurora's car takes 20 minutes to stop clunking ;-). I take stuff out to the dumpster then meet up with Jim in the parking lot where we talk about music and the scene and our various bands and whatnot. Ideas are formulating.

Get in the car and we head back to Newark singing some Ryan Montbleau and Graham Colton and talk about stupid things we do.

After dropping Marissa off Aurora and I go to Wawa for coffee. The Newark Wawa has been incident free for 99 days. Fallacy! So we drive around Newark just talking about everything since we haven't really talked in weeks. We try to catch each other up on the important stuff, and her and I both talk way too much, so you know we didn't get it all in. She told me about all the developments and I told her how the world around me is falling apart. Aurora is the one person I have complete trust in and know that I can tell her anything, so I told her everything that I haven't been able to tell anyone else. Two of my closest friends have found themselves in situations far worse then anything I could have imagined and its great to know that Aurora understands, rather then people who think that the reason I haven't been around selfishly pertains to them. Instead I am trying to save a life or two from being worse than it is, not worrying about who said what to whom or who likes who or who isn't around or who isn't at home.