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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Rainbow Records Marlon Spike In Store

If you read the blog about the day before the in-store... I went to bed nearly deaf at 4:30 am and woke up at 8:30. This is the fourth day in a row of me doing this, so of course I was pretty damn cranky.

Opened up the store with Raf and Charise and spent most of the morning drowned in coffee and running and jumping off of the stairs. Oh! And I used a drill in reverse and it was the coolest thing at the moment. The customers found it amusing that I was really excited about it, but again at 11 am in the morning you're pretty damn wacky on 4 four hours of sleep.

Dan came to set up a little after noon and told me about their adventures with lesbians the night before. Chris, Todd, and Sark came shortly after.

Marlon Spike performed for Rainbow Records first in-store performance (in um...building 54) because they are badass like that. The turnout was good, but still not as many as the usual Saturday brings in. It was extremely nice out, which pretty much explains it. But it still filled up pretty nicely and it was fun seeing everyone. It sounded really good and it was a decent performance. Sark would randomly walk up to where Raf and I were and just hang out, it was funny. I think it was about an hour and a half all in all. Again, I was really tired so I am not sure. I asked them to play Jade, and they did, and it was enjoyable.

So funny, I was talking to Marissa and introduced her to Raf and told Raf she was a music guru. He left and Marissa told me how she went up asking Raf where Norah Jones was because she was looking in the N's and couldn't find it. She so knew otherwise, but she got even less sleep than I did the night before, so it was excusable, so we explained her lack of music guruness at the moment to Raf and all was better.

They pack up and we head over to Kate's for lunch. Oliver met us there and and much loud talking ensued. Apparently the guy next to us was FAT though not GAY. Again, this was fuzzy as well since I was so tired. I do remember the Candian sign promoting customers to bring Kate's date for ale and tines. I tried to defend the Rod Stewart show to Todd but I don't think he was having it. We left and I don't even remember Oliver leaving.

Go upstairs and pass out till the nighttime.
In store pictures can be found here, thanks Maryanne for bringing her camera!