"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

tiredness to the nth degree, but not too sleepy for the east end

Sunday morning was brutal. Go to bed around 6am and wake up to Main Street noise at 9 am followed by my pillow over my head until after noon.

Spent the afternoon shopping, which is more like me returning things and finding and awesome pair of burgandy pants that I just couldn't pass up. And groceries. I was out to lunch when Mark called from NYC saying he enjoyed my messages last night. I win. I got way too many odd looks from the people around me eating. Screw you and your boring lives. ;-) I wasn't loud, they shouldn't be eavesdropping on me, being on the cell phone is no different than talking to someone across from you.

Come back to the apartment and nap only to awaken to rain. Groggily I pick up Aurora and we head to the East End. Dan asked what time I was getting there. I said 9ish, and he asked if my 9ish meant 9:30 or 11, LoPresto style. We arrived at 9:30. Before I left I told Maryellen that I wasn't going to drink until this weekend. I was wrong, as soon as we got there, Dan got us beers.

Johnny Duke and the Aces opened up for West James and they were really good. Lee didn't build them up too much, he is really talented. And he is only 15! Very blues influenced. Dan knocked into our table and caused a ruckus. West James played and were decent. their show improved as the night went on. And Aurora said they kicked around a little Tribe. Nice! Sorry I am not as detailed, I was way tired.

I didn't know Chris was coming, so when he came into the EE, I looked at Dan and asked what time it was. 10:59, almost on cue, mimicking our earlier conversation. He was wearing a yellow shirt, so I asked Aurora if she wants to bet that he is wearing the super sexy cashmere socks. I win - he was. And the fact that he had to point them out was fabulous.

The East End fixed the paper towel machine that Aurora broke months ago. Sunday was fun - yay.