"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

friday nights of laughter

After working at the record store I was all set to come home and crash with a movie. Of course it never happens that way...

Tim texts me as soon as I walk in and as soon as I see its from him, I know I am going out. Tim is an awesome person and I don't get to hang out with him enough because he has a real job that causes him to not stay out late and wake up early. I head out the door and meet him and a few friends of his at Timothy's.

Ok, if you are an older guy, don't make comments as I walk past you at the bar because I can hear those comments and that does not make you look cool. I swear, some people are creepy. That was fun.

Yuengling is the beverage of choice and Tim and I just shoot the shit at the bar. Nate calls and was at the Deer Park so I convince him to join us at Timothy's. Nate is one of my best guy friends so it was fun hanging out with the two of them. We were at the bar talking and the subject comes to sex, because Nate makes me laugh everytime when he explains his recent antics. Apparently there is a lot of slang that my naive mind was not aware of. So they inform me of such colorful vocabulary and phrases. It was just funny because most girls would get offended at what they said, but I laugh because girls are dumb. We watched the clown fish get it on with the coral and provided play by play commentary.

Chris calls around midnight, and soon him, Dan, and Tanya meet up with us at Timothy's. In the meantime, Nate grabbed my phone and went through my phonebook calling people. Of course he chose Aurora, Marissa, and Maryellen and we all chatted and passed the phone around. Tanya was deeply enthralled with the fish tank. We made her chug her beer, then we left. Dan and Chris wouldn't let me drive my car, and reminded me of the Deer Park episode where I was going to drive Oliver's car but couldn't find the driver's door. So Dan drives my car with his knees to my dashboard.

There is nothing better to do after last call than go to the Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins that is across the street for some sugary goodness. And there is definitely nothing better than Reese Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. Tanya, Dan, Chris, and I go back to my place and watch MTV while Chris passes out on the futon in usual fashion. :-) This time without the red jacket. - NO WAIT!!! Timothy's is slowly coming back to me!!! I remember while Tanya was in the bathroom, we noticed the bright interior to her jacket. I don't recall what design it was, but it was bright. And of course we pointed it out and Chris donned the jacket inside out in style. It was awesome. Unfortunately we didn't have a camera, but it was great haha.

And that was my Friday. An evening full of great friends, good beer, and clown fish.