"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Thursdays full of music, laughter, and beer.

"People always come and people always go, some run scared some never ever know this I tell you cause this I know, they leave footprints all over your soul"

I was all set to actually get some sleep on Thursday after spending another long day at the record store. But nope, Dan texted me to see if I wanted to head over to the Scrounge with him and Tanya and so I knew I wasn't staying in that night.

We got there during Stepanian's set and found a place in the back. It was odd, sitting there watching them reminded me so much of spring of freshman year and just everything that came out of that. From intimate Howie Day shows to Derek and his current projects to Brew Haha and beyond. I looked over at Tanya and Dan, who was fervishly writing on his stack of CD-Rs and I smile, not because of the music thats playing, but because of where I am now. And how much greater now is than in years past.

Derek stopped down to see some of the show after acapella finished. I was surprised he showed up, especially after Stepanian pretty much dicked them over. During the whole set Dan thought of other songs that Stepanian's hinted at, or were a blatant rip off of. It was a pretty amusing game.

After Dan handed out some CDs, we headed over to the Deer Park for some beer and food and conversation.