"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, October 24, 2004

gut wrenching

"It's your identity that's lost, you'll never realize the cost. Twenty years from now sitting still you'll be all alone, looking up that hill." PMB

I don't even feel like talking about it.
The one thing that has always been a constant keeps changing. I miss the old school. I miss so much.
I already hyperventilated and panicked tonight. Yay for Morgan for understanding :-)

captn morgster: listenign to NYE 03
captn morgster: i dont remember ANY of it
galileo358: HA
galileo358: i am listening to 12-30-98
captn morgster: a great show
captn morgster: that was the movin' out one right?
captn morgster: oh wait that was 28th i think
galileo358: dammit i wish it was three years ago
galileo358: when tickets were 10 bucks or guest listed and they were playing somewhere within 200 miles 4 days a week
galileo358: i dont want to fucking grow up
captn morgster: hehehehe
captn morgster: tell me about it
galileo358: i need a fucking jet plane
galileo358: i need shows
galileo358: i need pmb shows
captn morgster: im as old as all my friends were then
captn morgster: and i feel fucking old
captn morgster: the 5 shows in 2 days i did
captn morgster: within 20 misn of my apartment
captn morgster: that was great
galileo358: they are my favorite band, i love the experience, pretty much everything in my life i can tie to them, and i cant even fucking see them
captn morgster: four fucking years ago
captn morgster: join the fucking boat
galileo358: like every week in college, it was a new show, new city
captn morgster: yep
galileo358: it was always the one thing that was stable in my life
captn morgster: now its "hmm i might fly here cuase i know someone there and can get the day off"
captn morgster: NYE this year
captn morgster: we will make up for it all
galileo358: this show is so fucking good
galileo358: southern cross
galileo358: straight curve
galileo358: me and julio
captn morgster: hahah
captn morgster: OLD school
galileo358: rememebr that shit?!