"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sunday night

I really was going to stay in and get a lot of band (various bands, the term has been more universal lately) stuff done. But noooo....there had to be a football game and bar action.

Started the evening off at Grottos then walked down to the Deer Park to meet up with Mike Clarke and Fin. Fin was gone, but amazingly had composure. We watched the game, made fun of Chorduroy (local cover band), and talked of cities. Wow, its almost been seven years, and granted I don't hang out with them nearly as much as I did, it's always fun.

Vagueness, to protect the not so innocent...
Around midnight I met up with a friend and we headed off to the Eagle diner. Diners should only be open from 10pm to 6 am. It is an unwritten law that you cannot eat at a diner when it is daylight. Derek and Lisa met up with us shortly after we arrived. I love hanging out with Derek because he tells the best stories. We compared Grape notes, and his night was more entertaining then mine. Mr. North loved them, which is fantastic. Derek was right up front for their performance and witnessed first hand the effects of drinking since 11 am then playing a gig 12 hours later! Colin apparently was throwing up then singing right back into the mic smiling. Oisin actually had to leave the stage because he wasn't feeling well and Colin grabbed the bass. "Look at me, I'm playing the bass!" (said in an irish accent)

To top it all off, Derek ran over their pedal boards in the parking lot while they were loading. Derek panicked and felt awful, but since the whole Mr. North camp was insanely drunk, they were cool with it. The Irish are so jolly!

As Lisa and Derek left, Derek told me that he was offered a gig on Halloween but cancelled it because of my party. That's right kids, you better rearrange your schedule to come. Details forthcoming. Halloween. Costume not optional.